Sample Monthly NDEs

Monthly NDE, July 2009

The following is the July 2009 selection for the Monthly NDE. These selections are taken from accounts submitted to the IANDS archives and are posted here anonymously. This month’s account contains the description of a suicide NDE. Contrary to popular myth, it was a pleasant experience, even though it was a suicide.

IANDS appreciates accounts submitted by people from many different countries. Most, like this one, are from English speakers, from various parts of the world.

Experience entered into the IANDS Archives February 5, 2002:

I was with my partner at the time and we had been going through difficulties. I had felt this strong sense of loss and I felt that something was calling me. I then ended up taking chloroform. I could feel the effects straight away, this creeping relaxing feeling and the sensation of me slipping out of something that felt like prison. I could remember being in the hospital on the ceiling watching all these doctors and nurses attending to me. I could also hear my mum and brother talking to me asking me why this had happened. It felt warm and radiant like some one was with me at this time and they were conveying a feeling of peace and love that was something I had never ever felt before.

In no time I was traveling down this tunnel with beings on either side. It felt like I knew them all and they were talking to me asking me how I am and what had been going on in my life. They also showed me something that I could not recall but it felt familiar. After a while with them I was called towards the light and I felt so overwhelmingly loving, peaceful and knowing. I was asked a series of questions and given information about things by an angel with a staff and dressed in warrior outfit, resembling an African chief and then a decision was made that it was not my time and that I had a mission to fulfill and that I will return. I cannot remember anything after that.

I woke up in the same bed in intensive care and was told that I had died and was kept alive via a ventilator and I had been unconscious for 1 week. Since that time I have had flashbacks and been aware that there are spirit guides around protecting me and guiding me. I also have this strong sense that there was a vision of some sort given to me because it’s like I've been on this sacred mission regarding utilizing this experience to empower people and tell the world about the realms of the spirit and their advice and guidance for the human population, especially with the young people.

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