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Flying Close to the Light

I was 24 years old when I had this experience. I had been taking yoga and meditating quite a lot. One night after meditating, I went to sleep to find myself flying over the earth and every so often I would stop and look down on the earth. Each time I did, I noticed I was going back in time to different centuries. I kept going farther back in time until I reached what looked like a tunnel of glaciers, and the light was reflecting off the ice. Everything was sparkling. In front of me was this very bright light. The closer I flew to the light, the more intense it got to the point of being overwhelming. I became a little frighten as I approached the end of the tunnel where I would be totally in the light. At that moment, I thought how would I get back. With that thought, suddenly I found myself sitting on a beach at the edge of the ocean and then I woke up. I have had many, many dreams, some very psychic, but none quite as beautiful as my experience with light.

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