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The Essence of All

I went over to my friend's house to borrow a cassette tape of this guru chanting "om". I had been to a concert where I heard someone playing a didgeridoo. I thought the om tape would help me figure out how to play the didgeridoo. My friend declined on lending me the tape, but asked if I wanted to watch a video of the guru. I said sure. This was the first time I had seen the guru on video. I had heard audio tapes before but not video. My friend had taught me the meditation techniques two years prior and I had been doing them ever since. So we sat down to watch the video, my friend, his roommate and me.

The video came on and the guru started saying that if you can relax your face the whole body can become relaxed. So I listened and let my face sink down and relax too. The next thing I knew, the guru's words were not understandable. He sounded like he had rocks in his mouth. At this same time I could see the guru's face on the screen and I could see his face an inch or so in front of the screen made of gold light. Then I started sinking down into my body. I could barely see the room; it looked like it was about 15 feet above me. Like a submarine periscope, I could just barely see the light of the room coming in through my eyes. The space away from my eyes and the room was all darkness like a tunnel. Then bam!

I was in an ocean of golden light. I could not tell where I started or stopped in this light. There was a ball of light in front of me in this ocean of light. I figured it was the guru, since the last thing I saw before leaving earth was the second golden light face of the guru in front of his face on the TV screen. He did not talk to me. What the ball of light did though, was to melt into the rest of the light. I took this as a message that I was to do the same. This light is so powerful that it blows you away. The earth, sun, moon and stars were all gone, not to mention my life as a 23 year old male. I did not melt into the light like the guru did. I think I was too scared to. Everything had happened so fast. Minutes before, I thought I was a 23 year old guy. Now I could see that was just a small part of what I was.

As pure light I could tell I wasn't that person. I did not even feel like I was human anymore. I felt like I could be any biological entity. I did not see any of my past lives. I knew I wasn't just this life. The life and the world as we know it was just a dream shared by many and most likely dreamed by God from the stand point of the light. I could feel in the light that this must be where all the saints, Jesus, and Buddha exist. This light was the essence of all things, like the most primal state of all existence. Everything came from it and would come back to it. I knew this was my soul. I also knew the only thing giving my soul any life was this light. So I could tell that all I was made of was God or light.

This is actually very humbling, because there would be no me or my soul without this light giving me existence. I realized here that everyone else's soul was of this light and that meant everyone is a part of me or like me. The idea of the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, made new sense to me. Now, there really were no others: the golden light of my soul, the great light, and the light of other's souls were all the same light. This light was love. I did not get a life review, but I could see my life, just as I would see any other person in the world. This gave me a chance to see very objectively, and that I was a good guy. This was the fist time I ever loved myself.

The next thing I know, I get slammed back into my body. The room was not the same as I had left it. Now that I was back, I could see that the light of that other dimension was penetrating me and everything else. The light was shining through everything. I could see how God was omnipresent in all things in this light. For the next three hours or so I could see the light in all things. I felt intense energy coursing through my body and all around me. My friend could tell something had happened to me. He instructed me to uncross my legs in order to help the energy to flow more easily through me, because my body was shaking from this tremendous force.


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