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Young man lives parallel life while in coma

I went to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada in September 2005 for my second year of university. After the first class bash, I was heading home with friends. I was asleep in the back seat and it turns out the driver was drunk. He zooms into a ditch at over 100km/h and the car hits nose first and proceeds to flip over 3 times in a row.

As I was asleep, I fly forward and hit my head on the roof of the car. It splits wide open and I fall comatose instantly. My friend sitting beside me said he thought I was dead when he looked at me because I was lying in a pool of my own blood, when I had asked him a year later.

The hospital was close by so the ambulance comes immediately and cuts open the car with the jaws of life. They take everyone to the hospital and I am put in the ICU. My dad gets called and he flies all the way from Dubai to see me.

When he gets to the hospital, the doctor says I have no chance as more than 50% of my brain died and I also lost more than 40% of my blood. I awake in 15 days and was diagnosed a quadriplegic.

I stay quadriplegic for 3 more months before finally moving again. Once I start moving my recovery is rapid.

However, after being comatose for 15 days, I was also not conscious while I was a quadriplegic. All this took place between 20th September to the 1st of December.

During my time not being conscious, I had a vision of love. At the time, I was still at my 2nd year at university. I also was living off campus, but in my vision I was back living at the university residence in the same room as I had lived in my 1st year. It's like the accident never happened. In my first year I had failed 1 course.

I say vision of love because I thorougly enjoyed every moment, whether I was in class, at home or out with friends. The difference here is that the vision lasted 11 months. I actually finished my 2nd year of university and flew back home to Dubai to be with my family. I know I didn't have a vision of my first year again because I passed all my courses. Anyways, I had a ton of fun with family and friends back home. It felt like I was back home forever and I enjoyed being home so much that I didn't want to leave. But time eventually moved to August, a month before my 3rd year started. 

One morning I was watching TV and blink, all of a sudden the scene changes. I'm in a hospital bed, can barely move and am in so much pain. I eventually make a small squeeking sound, as my vocal cords were damaged. My mum was sitting at the end of the bed. She hears me and tells me everything that happened. 

I could not believe it. My vision seemed so real. It actually makes me think that there are parallel worlds and God gave me the opportunity to travel between them. I like myself way more now than before. So it feels like God favours me and wanted me to be happy while I was still alive too.

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