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Woman's dream of her niece takes her to Unconditional Love

It started off a pretty normal dream and my 4 year old niece Isabelle had run up to me with her arms outstretched. 

I picked her up and was looking about for my Sister and her older sisters but she was all alone.  I asked what she was doing here.  She looked at me. Her eyes were the same shape and color as in real life except they were absolutely beautiful, filled with Love and wise, like they had all the answers to the Universe in them and I could look inside, through them, and see really brief flashes of images of scenes, like a glimpse of what was beyond. That part is quite hard to explain. They would go from her eyes, flash to something beautiful and then straight back to her eyes again.

I noticed she answered my question with telepathy, through her eyes straight into my head and she said 'You know why I'm here' quite seriously. I was thinking this was all quite odd and that I didn't know, but a whole lot of information started to be absorbed or downloaded as to why I was Isabelle's Aunty and also why she was my niece.  All the things that would happen just because of this relationship, to the point that it was all very clear. At the moment I fully understood, immediately came another set of information so as to extrapolate on the information just understood, and again when I was trying to absorb and review that next level, the one after that immediately started.  It felt like being in a massive room of dominos all set out waiting to fire and me and Isabelle pushed off the start and the next minute all these intricate pictures were being revealed in a very short amount of time, but they were also just a part of an even bigger one, which was linked to a bigger one and so on and so on.

While I was being shown how it all worked I felt like a very alive thread woven right through a giant incredible web which simply just couldn't exist unless I did because the thread, that was me, had to do with what I did; otherwise the plan simply wouldn't work.  I also could not tell the difference between things I had already done and those I was going to do because it was all 'done' already.  When the great picture was finished I got the feeling like 'Of course' and said to Isabelle 'Oh yeah - I do know.'  I'm not sure if it's because I just understood it all (and it was Profoundly Simple) or that I had always known it but forgotten. 

Next I started noticing a feeling like liquid love and vibrations start to enter my body and this beautiful feeling of all the bad experiences I'd ever had in my life, things that I had done and things that had been done to me, start to physically leave my body. Mean bully M. B. when I was 5 years old and all.  This was mostly noticeable through my arms. Bad thoughts being pushed out my fingertips when more love was coming in. I started realizing that those memories were nothing really, in fact we all loved each other true. My Dad was included and as more love came inside me, the better I felt until all bad thoughts and memories had completely left me and I felt nothing but unconditional Love for myself and everyone in my life.

At that point it felt like a spiritual climax and I had to cry out 'Omg this is the best feeling I've ever had in my life! And I'm asleep!' But it didn't even stop there. It started getting more and more intense by the second to the point I knew I could not handle much more and was wondering when it was going to stop because I honestly felt like I was going to burst with love.  And then I did.  I exploded into the Universe like a skyrocket on Guy Fawkes and my awareness extended to the edges of the explosion and I no longer felt like I had a 'body' any more.  This didn't last a long time because again it was way too intense.

I next found myself in my 'body' again and a feeling of unconditional Love from all the people I had ever met in my life came over me and immediately my consciousness reached straight back to them with unconditional Love and understanding for them all. Back came another wave of Love which I instantly recognized as all the people whose lives I was going to cross in the future but hadn't met yet and I sent my unconditional love back to them.

At that point I was thinking that it was complete but as if to show me there is always more and that we are all connected regardless of if our paths cross or not, I felt the Love of everyone in the World and I loved them true.

Straight after that I opened my eyes back in my bed. I felt like I floated around for days feeling like I did not finish at my shoulders but off over there somewhere... The most amazing, beautiful experience of my life.  I couldn't speak of it for 4 years without crying and choking up.


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