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PBS Program Features Panel Discusson on NDEs

WVIA PBS TV Panel on Near-Death Experiences hosted by George Thomas...WVIA, a PBS TV station near Scranton, PA aired an expert panel discussion on the topic of near-death experiences on the weekly series “Call The Doctor” with moderator, George Thomas.  The hour long program aired live on Tuesday, March 29th and is available for online viewing.  The panel features David Bennett, near-death experiencer and leader of the Upstate NY IANDS group; Dr. Jeffrey Long & Rene Jorgensen, NDE researchers and authors; plus Tim Cannon, PhD, psychology professor and neuroscientist from the University of Scranton. 


Participants on the WVIA program "Call The Doctor" panel on near-death experiences aired on Tuesday, March 29th:

Near-death experiencer and leader of Upstate NY IANDS group, David Bennett... 


Near-death experiencer, leader of the Upstate NY IANDS group & author, David Bennett



NDE researcher & author, Dr. Jeffrey Long... 


NDE Researcher and Author, Dr. Jeffrey Long



NDE Researcher & Author, Rene Jorgenson... 


NDE Researcher and Author, Rene Jorgensen



University of Scranton Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Tim Cannon, PhD 


University of Scranton, Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Tim Cannon, Ph.D.

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