Help us make the NDE Training Video a reality!

Doctors and nurses sometimes do not understand how to treat patients who have had near-death experiences, because they have had no training about NDEs. Our Training Video will provide medical professionals (1) information on what NDEs are and (2) a protocol for how to talk with and care for NDE patients. The NDE Medical Training Video package will include a 30-minute video, a PowerPoint presentation, brochures, and other training materials.

A five-minute promotional video has been created to encourage support for this project, featuring IANDS President Diane Corcoran, R.N., Ph.D., critical care physician Dr. Laurin Bellg, neurosurgeon and NDEr Dr. Eben Alexander, and psychiatrist and NDE researcher Dr. Bruce Greyson. For more information and to donate toward producing the NDE Medical Training Video package, visit www.IANDS.org/video. Help us make the NDE Medical Training Video a reality!

To view the promotional video, visit us on Vimeo or visit us on YouTube.



Or watch the promotional video here!


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