"Seeing Beyond" Radio Program References

Seeing Beyond Personal Growth Talk Radio....On February 8, IANDS Board member Chuck Swedrock was interviewed on the Seeing Beyond talk radio program hosted by Bonnie Coleen.  The program aired live on KEST AM radio in the San Francisco / San Jose / Oakland metropolitan area, the nation's fourth largest broadcast market of over 7 million people. The program was also carried on KEST radio's streaming audio option for live internet access.  An edited version without commercial interruption is now available for online listening or download (<- left click to listen or right click on link and select "Save Target As..." to download - 43.2 mb).

Several publications and articles were referred to in the broadcast program and may be of interest. (click on "Read more...")

Research References:

1. Greyson NDE Scale – developed by psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Greyson to measure the depth of an experience; over 20 years of validation in clinical studies.

2. Bush, N. E. (2002). Afterward: Making Meaning After a Frightening Near-Death Experience. Journal of Near-Death Studies, 21, 77-133.

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8. Stout, Y. M., Jacquin, L. A., & Atwater, P.M.H. (2006). Six Major Challenges Faced by Near-Death Experiencers. Journal of Near-Death Studies, 25, 49-62.

Other Literature References:

1. Backster, C. (2003). Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells.  Anza, CA: White Rose Millennium Press.

2. Heath, P. R. & Klimo, J. (2010). Handbook to the Afterlife. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books.

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4. Michael, R. T. (2008). Evolution Angel: An Emergency Physician's Lessons with Death and the Divine. New York, NY: Tarcher/Penquin.

Video References: 

1. Life After Life - a documentary film by Peter Shockey featuring Dr. Raymond Moody and six near-death experiencers describing elements of their experiences (excellent film on the subject of NDEs, should be required viewing for anyone wanting to be conversant on the subject - available to view online for free at www.lifeafterlife.tv- look for examples of veridical perceptions - experiencer knowledge, gained during the experience that cannot be explained from the perspective of physical senses, that is later verified / corroborated).

2. Wake Up (2010) - a documentary film by Jonas Elrod (acclaimed presentation of spiritually transformative aftereffects and the struggle to integrate them).

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