Welcome to IANDS' new web site!

new-website2We are pleased to present the new IANDS web site! There are a lot improvements:  

A new overall "look" that's really appealing and easier to read 

An improved, expanded menu layout: it's easier to find things 

The front-page "News Slideshow" shows the latest news articles in an eye-catching display. "Pause" any article by "mousing over" the article or select a specific article by its number.

Important articles and "popular" articles are listed on the right and at the bottom of the home page


We have fixed many problems with the existing site, but there may still be problems: if you find a problem, please report it to us.

Also, there are still a few things we need to complete:

  • Some functions of the "Index to the Periodical Literature through 2005" will not work right away
  • Some functions on the Professional Networking Directory will not work right away

THANK YOU! Many people spent many months' work to make this change. Chuck Swedrock and Robert Mays of the Technology Committee spearheaded the work. They received a lot of help from Marybeth Maranuk, Kyle Schamberger and John Sphar, and good advice from the other Technology Committee members (Kevin Williams, Bill Taylor and Stephen Anderson). And our webmaster, Anneliese Fox, of Nutmeg Web Service put in many, many hours over the past year to make this happen.

SPECIAL THANKS go to Jenny Somers for the design of the layout and template and to Nancy Bush and Chuck Swedrock for the improved menu structure.

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