If you have had a near-death experience (NDE), NDE-like experience or spiritually transformative experience (STE), please consider participating in the on-going research studies below. All of these studies have been reviewed and approved by the IANDS Academic & Research Committee.

1. Types of help & support that near-death experiencers seek out -- and their benefits

2. NDE Visions of the world's future
  • Objectives: (1) identify and verify cases of world events that were accurately predicted by NDErs; (2) identify similarities in future world events received by different NDErs; and (3) identify what significance the visions of future world events have for NDErs.
  • Researchers: Robert Mays, BSc, and Suzanne Mays, AA -- Independent NDE researchers.
  • Type of study: on-line survey.            Time required: up to 60 minutes.
  • Further information and link to survey

Study Details

1. Types of help & support that near-death experiencers seek out -- and their benefits

The Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia is recruiting individuals who have had a near-death experience for an online study. These are personal and transformative experiences that sometimes happen when one is close to death or under the threat of death. Participation in the study will take up to 75 minutes of your time and will consist of a single online questionnaire. The study focuses on the types of help and support people seek out in order to help them process their near-death experience, and whether and how these efforts are beneficial. This research project has been reviewed by University of Virginia's Institutional Review Board for the Social Sciences. You will not be paid  for your participation if you choose to enroll.

If you are interested in enrolling in this research study, please follow this link to the online questionnaire: tinyurl.com/NDEr-help-and-support

Thank you for your support of this important research.

2. NDE Visions of the world's future

We are seeking near-death experiencers (NDErs) to participate in a study of “NDE Visions of Scenes from the World's Future.” About 18% of NDErs receive information about a future world event during their NDE or at some other time. World events are occurrences that involve or impact a large number of people, such as tragic accidents, terrorist attacks, large-scale social disruptions or conflicts, large-scale natural or environmental disasters, and so on.

We are trying to answer questions like:

  1. Can world-event predictions be verified as accurate?
  2. Are there common themes among the world events received by NDErs?
  3. Is there a purpose for visions of future world events, like a tragic airplane crash, when the NDEr can do nothing to prevent it?
  4. Do the visions of future world events include a message of what needs to be changed, for example in people's attitudes, relationships with others, or relationships with the environment?
  5. Is it possible to avert or mitigate the outcome of a future world event received by an NDEr?
  6. If a future event does not occur or does not occur at the expected time, is the vision in some way still valid?

If you have had an NDE or NDE-like experience and during your experience or at some other time, you have received information about a future world event, we invite you to participate in our study. Please fill out the survey form at: tinyurl.com/NDE-Future-Visions

Link to flyer for our study -- please share with others!


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