Newest Accounts

These NDE accounts were submitted to our website and are published here anonymously. Minor edits have been made to protect the identity of the experiencer and others who may have been involved with the experience. Archives of the early NDE accounts, from 2002 through 2004, from our earlier Message Board are in the last 18 items in the list.

By Accident

First experience 1991 head on collision with a truck in Riverside, CA. I felt myself as spirit go through the roof of my car. Time slowed down and suddenly I could care less about my body or anything behind me other than a whisper to say take care of my new fiance. I shot towards a bright light.

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Well The Nurses are Relieved!

I was having a CAT Scan related to some dizziness  I had during my first pregnancy. I had a new baby and was concerned that something might be wrong that would prevent me from taking care of my daughter. The nurses started an IV and began the infusion of dye. I had the strangest sensation and told the nurses that I felt "funny".

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Fall on Head Gives Way to Distressing Experience


I had never heard of IANDS, International Association for Near-Death Studies, until I read a recent article on The by Gideon Lichfield (3/2015). I had my reservations but after reviewing IANDS professional research organization, I wanted to share my trauma - lifethreating occurrences.

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A Bike Ride Gone 'Bad'

I was in the Navy stationed in Wales. The traffic pattern is opposite ours in the USA, and I was riding a bicycle. I had been there for two weeks, so I was not used to the traffic, and I pulled out in front of an oncoming car going through the windshield.

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The Light Felt Wonderful

I had cataracts removed from both eyes and in the months following the operations the glare from sunshine, from television, even from my computer screen was unbearable.  Eventually I decided to use the pain I was suffering as a symbolic statement indicating that I was unable to deal with The Light, so dropping down into a deep meditative state I began a visualization – a sort of waking dream –

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