IANDS V.P. Hosted the Weekend of Jan. 14 & 15 via Internet during Alliance for Global Consciousness Open House

Alliance for Global ConsciousnessIANDS has joined with several other organizations to found the Alliance for Global Consciousness (AGC). The Alliance is an affiliation of like-minded organizations whose objective is to elevate their service to humankind and advance the evolution of their work, both individually and collectively, while moving further toward a shared purpose, namely: The transformation of human consciousness across the globe.

bob frank


IANDS Vice President:
Bob Frank,

(Author, Business Consultant, Hypnotherapist) made himself available the weekend of Jan. 14-15, 2017 to answer any questions people had about the Int'l Assoc. for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) and what it's mission is doing for the world.  


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Welcome to IANDS' new web site layout!

New Website LayoutWe are pleased to present the new IANDS web site layout! Here are the main improvements:  

  • A new overall "look" with our new logo and style that's easier to read 
  • Responsive layout that scales automatically for mobile devices
  • A simplified menu structure: better organized -- it's easier to find things 
  • An improved NDE submission form: more questions requested by researchers, you can save and complete the form at a later time

We have fixed many problems with the existing site, but there may still be problems: if you find a problem, please report it to us.

Also, there are still a few things we need to complete:

  • Some links on some of the pages may not work properly -- please report them to us
  • Some functions on the Professional Networking Directory will not work right away

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IANDS featured in extensive article in The Atlantic

Gideon Lichfield, The AtlanticA recent article in The Atlantic by Gideon Lichfield provides a fair and balanced presentation of near-death experiences and features IANDS prominently, from the recent 2014 Conference in Newport Beach. Lichfield interviewed IANDS President Diane Corcoran and several NDE researchers including Alan Hugenot, Mitch Liester, Robert Mays and Kim Clark Sharp.

Lichfield explores the physiological as well as transpersonal explanations of NDEs, including the similarity of NDE narratives to the archetypal hero's quest of Joseph Campbell. He brings in the evidence of veridical perceptions in NDEs that have been elusive in NDE studies, including the AWARE study of cardiac arrest patients, as well as the recent EEG study on rats at the end of life. Finally, Lichfield balances the skepticism of Susan Blackmore (from a recent email exchange) with the thought that even materialists "can learn a great deal from NDEs ... about the central role that the [NDE] stories we tell play in shaping our sense of who we are."

IANDS Makes Waves in Santa Barbara

BarbaraBartolomeDeath and the Big WOW!  The Santa Barbara Chapter of IANDS was recently featured in the Mission and State newsletter in Santa Barbara.  Barbara Bartolome is the leader of the Santa Barbara IANDS NDE Support Group as well as a member of the IANDS Board of Directors. Her personal NDE occurred during spinal surgery when she was 31 years old.  In her words, "I was up on the ceiling and they were calling Code Blue, they were putting an oxygen mask on me as I looked down at my body.  I thought, ‘Huh. If I’m up here and my body’s down there, I must’ve… died.’

This article provides a wonderful review of a meeting of the IANDS chapter in Santa Barbara as well as a discussion of the NDE experience and the scientific evidence that has been gathered to support this experience. You can read the full article by clicking here.

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IANDS President Diane Corcoran Discusses Near Death Experiences with The MOON Magazine

Diane-Corcoran-for-webThe Moon Magazine discusses NDEs witMOONMagLogoh Diane Corcoran, Board President of IANDS.  Diane Corcoran is a retired army nurse who learned about NDEs during the Vietnam War.  She discusses the characteristics of a Near Death Experience and the important role of IANDS in providing support for people who are living with the after effects of an NDE.

"[Experiencers] typically become more altruistic, more loving, less materialistic; they no longer want to hold on to grudges."

Read more about Diane, NDEs, and IANDS in the full article.  You can learn more about Diane at her website.


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