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Liver failure shows me all animals and plants have souls

I was 25 years old at the time and did not know what was happening. My liver had failed and all the toxins and ammonia had bled into my body and brain.

I was in a violent coma. I was flown to another hospital and assume they put me in an induced coma due to my violence. I was placed on a list for a liver transplant. The doctors told my family that I needed a liver or would not make it through the night. I made it through the night and the following nights without a liver transplant.  My liver rejuvenated 100%.

I saw the light before they put me in the helicopter. I have always been a skeptic. I attended five different schools of different religions as a child. My mother’s family was also very religious. I found them all to be hypocrites and conduct themselves in behaviors that were deplorable. Thus I did not trust anyone or anything. When I saw the light, bright as it may have been, I thought, “ha, everybody sees the light and now I know why… it’s the light from the doctor; I debunked that one.” However, the light got closer and I went deeper. I went through the tunnel of love that you have heard of, and into space. The best way I can describe the feeling of love is:  Imagine you are the Beetles or Princess Diana, whoever you admire.  You are on stage and you look into the audience and there are thousands and thousands of people there to see you. They are holding up signs with your name on it, holding up lighters, shouting your name, yelling to you. Can you imagine how much love you would feel?  Now multiply that by 1000.  I had no preconception of heaven because I had been told so many various stories. So for me I was just in space like Neil Armstrong would be, but without a vehicle.

I was approached telepathically by three beings. I refer to them as angels or guides. They reminded me of the Golden Girls (tv show). The smaller one to my left spoke the most. The medium one was on my right and would back up what she said, and the most powerful was behind me and only spoke when it was of the utmost importance. I did not see their size; I felt their strength and order of authority.

They showed me my past as if a fast forward film was playing. They showed me my birth and that at approximately two years of age is when we start making conscious decisions and lose our innocence, or in other words become solely on earth. As babies we can still transition between heaven and earth. They showed me every little thing I ever did wrong. From throwing kittens in the air and not always catching them on their way down to stealing money and someone else taking the blame. There was no judgement, only reflection. It was my consciousness that made me feel bad for doing all of the things I had done. They showed me what I had chosen to be and do before coming into this life. They explained that we are human and if we were perfect we would be Gods. This is why we come to earth, to learn.

I had no body so I could not hear by ears, could not see with eyes, could not touch, nor smell nor taste. When I was shown my past and future they showed me all of our family holidays as well. I saw all of the food telepathically and from my stay on earth was able to imagine what it would taste like and what it smelled like. It was clear to me that as wonderful as this heaven was there are many things you can only enjoy on earth.  Such as swimming in water, holding hands, soft fur of a pet, sex, kissing, warm wind, FOOD, and so much more. Also if you have unresolved issues, they do not go away just because you are dead. So if you hate yourself and commit suicide, you still hate yourself and are dead. It really is not much different than just closing your eyes. Your problems are still there. However, you are able to think more clearly. Your brain is fresh and alleviated of any damage, tiredness, illness, age, etc.

They showed me my present which was my funeral. I had two children at the time, three and six years of age. I saw them at the funeral and they were playing with their cousins, not really comprehending what was going on. They showed me my mother who was hysterically crying and grieving. I had never seen her like that before. I never thought she loved me from the lack of emotions and emotional support that she displayed during my life. But I saw my children were fine so I told the guides that I did not need to go back, my children would be fine.

Then I was shown the future without me. It was an apartment and at the end of the hall was a bedroom. We peeked in and it was fit for princesses. Pink ruffled canopy bedding, toys galore, beautiful clothes and furniture. I said “see they are well taken care of.” They told me no this room is for their step sisters and showed me two little girls. Your children’s room is over here. They opened another door and there was nothing in the room but a dirty single mattress on the floor, no furniture, no toys, no clothes. It was at that time I told them I must come back and finish raising my kids. And I did.

During my visit I got to ask many questions. I asked why bad things happen, why do we have roaches and ants, why do we have wars, what is up with the Bible, is Adam and Eve a true story, how was earth created, evolution and the Big Bang Theory, and who is God. I got answers to all of my questions and more.

There was no concept of time. You do not have a body; you do not need sleep or food; so there is no measurement of time. You can be in multiple places at multiple times as easy as it is to be at your computer and talking on the phone. They also showed me a mountain of garbage. When I asked what it was they told me this is the remains of all the products that I had consumed in my life time that I had left behind. They showed me many effects that people's garbage and pollution had had on our planet.

They showed me that all animals have souls and how disrespectful it was to pass by a deceased animal on the road without giving it compassion. I explained one could get killed attempting such. But they said it was just how our times are. They also said that plants have a soul too. Now this was hard for me to swallow but since my NDE I have seen studies where they talk nice to one plant and nasty to a similar one and one thrives and one dies. There are also plants that have senses and emit odors or react when touched, so I believe it now. I asked how will we survive without eating plants. They said we are expected to eat plants and animals, that we just need to have compassion, respect and appreciation for them. Gracing our food before eating is probably the best for now. Plants and animals knowingly sacrifice themselves for humans, so be appreciative.

I was in a coma for close to a week. When I came back into my body I remembered my adventure but did not remember I had kids nor what year it was. I felt that I had been gone for a year or more from all the information and knowledge I had gained. My memory of my kids came back after a few days and I brushed off my adventure as it must have just been a dream. Until the things they showed me in my future came into fruition. Many other things they showed me I later found to be proven, too.

Miraculously my liver rejuvenated itself 100%. On a side bar, a liver did arrive as I was recovering. Someone ran into my room and yelled at the doctor, “do you still need a liver,” and the doctor replied, “no, go to the next one on the list.” This procedure was fairly new at the time. It wasn’t but a couple hours later I’m watching the news in my room at the hospital and they are talking about a liver had arrived at Tampa General Hospital and Evil Knievel was on his way for a much needed liver transplant. So yes, he got my liver.

I always thought that because I came back to earth to “finish raising my kids” that when they turned 18 I would die. They are now 24 and 27 with one expecting in November. I don’t think we ever finish raising our kids; or at least I hope not.

I am allergic to all medications whether it is over the counter or prescribed. I can only take homeopathic, natural, aspirin, Benadryl, and steroids or other hormones. I break out into an itchy rash which were the symptoms I had just before liver failure. Years after, I went to an allergist that conducted a skin test with the most mild antibiotic. This was at a university hospital with a team of doctors. I was told they do not expect a reaction. My skin welted, became pussy and bloody in a 4-5” diameter area. The doctor just said if I ever need to take antibiotics, I will need to take them with steroids. However, in all of their careers they had never seen such a reaction and took pictures.

Thank goodness I met a man that has healing hands. While at work I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. The only remedy for this is antibiotics. Human Resources told me to go to the hospital but I knew they could not help me. It was at the base of the back of my neck to my right. It was raised with a hole in the center full of puss and blood. My husband put his hand on it and by morning the area was flat, the color was normal, and only a small scab the size of a pencil eraser was left. He has helped me many other occasions. This may be irrelevant but is how I survive today.

I went to work in 2001 at the State’s Water Management District because I wanted to help our environment. I was there for 10 years. It was very political and a lot of cases we (the inspectors, hydrologist, geologists, and environmental scientist) found to be illegal and irresponsible were being brushed under the rug. The economy also tanked and the Governor was cutting jobs drastically. It was disappointing because for many years we protected our water resources, wetlands, and animal habitats. 

I then had a desire to help senior citizens. I seemed to have a calling to help people that were about to die.  After I would visit, they would pass. It would just happen. I don't know why it kept happening to me. I would be the last person to see them alive aside from staff. I have no fear of dying. I am happy to be there to help those that are about to die. Because of this I took a management position at a senior apartment complex. Of 60 units, I had six people and one dog pass my first year. I would tell them the choice is theirs if they want to live.  I found that those who chose to live seemed to come back at a price.  Just like I am sensitive to drugs, I have seen others survive but suffer from another issue/condition.  

It has been an honor to be present during the time of one's passing or choice of living. I have witnessed many miracles. One occasion a doctor told me one of my residents' carotid artery was completely blocked on one side and 98% blocked on the other. They didn't expect him to live but a few days because he refused any surgery. That was almost two years ago.  

I have visited the local hospice on occasion with my dog and plan to do more as time permits. At this time I am focusing on writing my book, opening a local book and metaphysical store, and being a grandmother.

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Teen who left body, met being(s), and was sent back wonders where non-Christians go

My experience occurred as a result of a car accident when I was 18 (I am now 52). My friend Kristen was driving and another friend, Tim, was driving his car in front of us. We lived in the mountains so the roads were winding, ran along a very steep cliff and there was snow piled at the edges of the road. Kris (driving a bit reckless along with our friend in the car in front of us) had to swerve suddenly to keep from running into Tim’s car. When she swerved she hit the snow at the side of the road and lost control of her truck. We started to head over the side of the mountain, but at the last minute the truck suddenly swerved 90 degrees and hit a very large pine tree, wrapping the entire front of the truck around the tree. As we first left the road and were heading for the edge of the mountain cliff, time seemed to slow down, scenes of my rather short life flashed in my mind, and then as I looked out over the cliff, thinking we were going over the edge I thought to myself, “Your life really does flash before you,” and, “This is how I’m going to die.”

Then I felt a very odd sensation through me and “NO!” went through my head – I’m not sure if this was me saying this in my head, or my friend or something else (my friend told me later she didn’t remember saying or hearing anything so I guess it was in my head.) Just then the truck suddenly spun 90 degrees and we were instead heading for a tree. I remember screaming then as we barreled into the tree. The impact was unbelievably jarring. I was wearing my seatbelt and when we hit everything went black for a minute. I opened my eyes and my friend was crying and screaming. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. I tried to speak but no words would come out.

Then I felt like I was in a vacuum tube or something, being pulled upward and out of my body, out the top of the truck. I don’t remember seeing the truck, but I saw Tim running towards it, his car was sideways at the side of the road, its front bumper lodged into the snowbank at the side of the road. I saw another truck coming down the road from the opposite direction, a boy we went to school with who was Kris’s ex-boyfriend, jumped out of the truck, left his door ajar and came running over as well, crying and yelling. Then all went dark. I was in a sort of “tunnel” – not sure if tunnel is really the right word but it was dark all around and I felt like I was being sucked towards a light far away. I was being drawn towards it. When I was in the light there was a presence with me. It was 3 separate beings/men/or whatever, and yet they were all one. It’s hard to explain. I saw the face(s) and they were different in subtle ways and yet they were the same. The one in the middle spoke to me, greeted me, but not with a voice. As it began to speak all I remember seeing is the one figure but there was still the feeling of there being three.

It asked, “Why are you here?” I didn’t know what it meant because I didn’t know what it meant by “here”. I think I questioned what it meant by asking me “Why are you here?” but I didn’t speak the question. I felt like I was in the presence of someone authoritative. I felt extremely drawn to him/it. I wanted to be there, to go with him/them/it even though I wasn’t sure where I was or what was going on. When I answered that I didn’t know why I was here, I felt what seemed like slight disapproval from him/them, then boom – I found myself in some sort of something like a body? It was my body and yet it wasn’t really a body. I did sort of feel like I was lying down though. I think I was lying in front of the tree where we crashed, only there was no vehicles, no road – I felt like it was the unblemished version of the accident location, that is there was no scaring by man. There was a strangeness to the scenery. It was bright, like a clear sunny day, only there was no Sun per say. It was as if everything, the grass, the trees, the flowers, the ground, had their own inner light that lit everything, everywhere with no shadow, no darkness anywhere. The clarity of everything was intense. The colors intense. It was like looking through some sort of filter. I felt so peaceful and content and perfect…everything was perfect and I was in awe at all of it. Then I was aware that I was not alone and that he/them/it was still there, looking down on me from above me. I stood and looked at him/them/it.

Again he/they/it said, “Why are you here?”
I responded, but didn’t speak, “I don’t know.”
“Do you know what happened to you, how you came to get here?” he/they/it asked.
“I don’t know,” I responded.
“Do you remember what happened?”
“Do you know who I am?” he/they/it asked gently as if this meant everything. Up until now it seemed to “ask” somewhat sternly, although not in a mean or threatening way. But when he/they/it asked if I knew who he/it was it seemed softer, gentler, almost sad?
“I don’t know,” I still responded. “I don’t know who you are, what happened or where I am.”
“So you don’t know what happened and you don’t know who I am?”
“Then you cannot stay. You have to go back,” he/they/it said with finality.

I was taken aback and suddenly felt a bit panicked. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay and I began pleading, “No, please, I want to stay here – don’t make me go back.” But the being(s) shook its head, “No. You cannot stay here now.” And that was that.

I felt like I was gently pushed back and away, and then it again felt like I was in some sort of vacuum, only now it was sucking me backwards, back to my physical body. I was above the crash scene. I remember hearing Kris say “Oh my God, oh my God, she’s dead! She isn’t breathing.- help!” But, the strange thing was she was not saying it then, she had already said it, right after we crashed. And Tim flung open my door, struggling with it because the metal was crunched up. He called out to me, shook me gently and then reached over me to unbuckle the seat belt. He said, “She isn’t breathing and I saw myself slump into him when the seatbelt released. But this had already happened – I saw it happen then, but it had actually already happened. Kris was crying and her ex-boyfriend who had come onto the scene yanked at her door, but it wouldn’t open. He was crying calling out to open the door. Tim was still holding me, yelling over his shoulder to other people coming onto the scene to go down the road to the “camp” and call for an ambulance. I was watching all this happen, even though it had already happened – I know that doesn’t really make sense, and this is why I am uncertain about “time” and whether there was any time as we generally think of it in an earthly, reality sense.

I saw a fire truck and ambulance pull up and then a highway patrol car coming down the road. Then the fireman came up, the ambulance and rescue team came. Tim, who was holding me, let me go as one of the rescue team talked to him and he quickly examined me and Tim gave a quick rendition of what had happened. They were talking to Tim, and to Kris and talking about how to get the door of the truck open on the driver’s side. Then a highway patrol officer pulled up and stormed over yelling at all the civilians to get away from the scene and to move on. He seemed angry or agitated. It was then that I was back in my body again. I was sucked back in and I was flooded with feelings of cold, and intense pain, and the sensations of hardness of everything around me, even the solidness of the air around me. I opened my eyes and both my friends started crying in relief. One of the fireman said, “Oh – I thought we had actually lost you there for a minute.” Then the highway patrol officer pushed his way in rather rudely, I remember thinking, and asked me what had happened. The fireman backed away and gave him his space next to me but did not leave.

“What happened?” he asked me. I remember looking at him because I remembered being asked that by that other being but it certainly was not the same person or voice I had heard before. I didn’t answer: I just looked at him. He asked me again what happened but when I still didn’t answer he asked what my name was. I just looked at him, realizing that I couldn’t remember. It was then I realized that I couldn’t remember anything, not my name, not who I was, who the people around me were, what had happened…everything was a complete blank with the exception of my experience. The officer asked me again and I finally told him I couldn’t remember. He seemed very agitated and made some remark about bullshitting with him and he bet we had all been drinking and “damn teenagers”. Then the fireman pushed his way back in and told him to back off, that I was just in a traumatic car accident and he actually initially thought I wasn’t “coming back.” He told the officer to go interview someone else.

Well that’s basically the end of my experience, as it was. I gradually got my memory back fully within a few days, but those days were extremely odd. Having no memory of anything except that experience left me feeling like I…separated from everyone else and like this world was the strange alien place and not where I had been where everything was peaceful and pleasant and glowing. I’m not sure what exactly I felt separated from…like I no longer belonged here on Earth sort of. I felt a disconnect with life here. I found the physicalness of everything strange. To be honest I sort of felt like people were strange as well, but perhaps that was because I couldn’t remember people or my life with people.

Once I had my memory back I was obsessed with what had happened and what I had seen and experienced. I wanted to know what exactly had happened, what it meant, why it happened to me. I felt angry that most people I told brushed it off as a dream or hallucination or a couple years later one college professor stated, “It is strange how the brain will make things up to help us cope with a difficult situation.” I learned not to talk about it, but I still want to understand what happened, the why and what, etc.

I was in no way religious before the experience. My family was not religious, and religion was never discussed so I knew nothing about Jesus or Christian beliefs. My friend who was driving suggested the 3 beings I described as 3 yet one, were the Holy Trinity and I couldn’t stay because I didn’t know who Jesus was. I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I read about it much later and decided it could have been. On and off through the years I sometimes wonder about the whole thing – was it real, was it imaginary like people had kept saying to me? My first husband told me that if it was real it was the devil trying to take my soul and trick me and I shouldn’t think about it. He was brought up very religious…a Presbyterian. I did eventually become a Christian and now feel like it was a sign of what is waiting on the other side of death.

Even immediately after, although I didn’t really understand what had happened, I was not afraid of dying per say, only of the pain and trauma it might take to initially get there. After that it would be wonderful and a state of being you would not trade for anything. But alas, I was sent back.

The question often occurs to me ‘what about other people’s experiences that aren’t or weren’t Christian?’ I of course don’t have any real answers, but perhaps it’s not that we don’t all have a “life after death”, but perhaps what we believe impacts where we go or how we experience that next stage. So if you are a Christian you spend eternity with Jesus/God in what we as Christians call Heaven as we are promised if we accept Jesus as our savior. If you are not a Christian I don’t know that you cease to exist, or that you go to Hell, but that you just don’t experience this place Christians call Heaven, you don’t spend eternity with Jesus, but instead you just experience something a bit different – not necessarily bad, but just different because you do not belong with Jesus in this place called Heaven – like living on Earth you just do not live in Jesus’ house, not that you don’t live, you just live in a different house.

My dad passed away from cancer when I was 30. I watched him wither and we knew he was going to die soon. He was not a Christian and by that time I was. I spent a lot of time later thinking about what Christians say about those who don’t believe…that they will not spend eternity in Heaven. But does that mean they will go to Hell, or that they will just cease to exist? I don’t think that is true…I have to believe that is not true.

I have had experiences with what I believe are spirits of the dead and perhaps something different even than actual people who have died…but I had those before the near-death experience (assuming that is what it was) and I have had them after. I had those more as a child, but I still have them now from time to time. I believe we live on in one way or another after our bodies die. It may be different for different people (the actual experience of what is next) perhaps, but we, our souls, continue on. I’ve had too many other experiences, in addition to the one I have described to believe anything else.

When my father was at the end, we were at my parent’s house and it was early morning when we received a call from the hospital saying my dad was in the last stages before death and that we should come immediately because he didn’t have much longer. We pulled ourselves together and made our way out to the hospital which was a 40 minute drive. My parents lived in the mountains still and I remember the winding drive down to the valley and not really thinking of anything in particular I suppose, just sort of in a daze, watching the scenery go by when suddenly I felt this sort of whoosh pass through me, like physically pass through me, nearly taking my breath. It startled me and I remember looking over at my mom who was driving to see if she had noticed anything, but she was just looking at the road with that same dazed look I probably had just a few seconds before. I looked at the clock on the dash and it said 10:43am. I looked at the clock because I knew what the woosh was somehow – it was my dad and it felt like he was telling me he was leaving but that he was ok and even happy, and this was his goodbye to me. It was only that woosh through my body, but I knew that it was him and that he had died. When we got to the hospital the nurse told us he had already passed away and the time of death was marked at 10:40am.

I wouldn’t say anything “sensitivity” wise changed much after my experience though. I had always had strange experiences with intuition, flashes of scenes that came true, seeing spirits and shadow people from time to time, highly sensitive to other’s emotions etc. It was never something I thought much about as I had no control over it and it only happened on occasion. I would say it happened more when I was young, but it does still happen now from time to time. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with my experience, as far as why I had that NDE or what have you. I have very much learned to cope with what I experienced and I live a normal life. I have learned to block out what I don’t like and just roll with the flow. However I still think about it often and am very curious about other’s experiences and how they are similar and different than mine.

Woman meets three beings before returning

I remember passing out. Then I was just awake in a cave-like setting.

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Young woman with genetic disease has had 4 NDEs

My name is Amie (which means Love in French). 

I have had an interesting life to say the least. I have a gentetic disease (ehlers danlos syndrome).

It makes me fall apart and I have had 26 surgeries in the past 15 years to put me back together. This has resulted in many near death experiences and new understandings on life.

At 5, I had cancer. I lost my kidney and I remember right after they put me to sleep for my surgery (apparently I had lost a ton of blood from it and was coding), I was in like a waiting room with long benches on either side. There were people lining the walls sitting down. In the middle of this large open room, there was a table with a woman sitting at it. On either side of her there were 2 portals...swirling colored portals...one red and stormy and one a deep blue and stormy. I walked up to the lady and asked her where I was going. She promptly grabbed my hand and put a blue stamp on it. She told me please go in the blue portal. I did. When I popped out the other end (which was immediate), I was in my neighborhood. I saw people (grandparents) that were already passed just strolling up and down the street. I saw my house and went into it via the front door, but it was like I just passed through it. I went inside and I could hear my dad and sister talking, but I could not see them. I could hear the dishes clinking and the fridge opening, but I couldnt see them...just the house. I then woke up in ICU. That memory has stuck with me and is so vivid. Turns out my dad and sister were at home and they were getting lunch together while my mother was with me at the hospital.

Another time, in 2013, was when I had my son. After 18 hours of labor I was bleeding out and my son way drying due to it. They rushed me into the OR and put me to sleep. I could see what they were doing. I saw them take my son from my stomach. I saw me just passed out looking horrible and very very pale. I woke up a time later and verified with my doctor that what I saw was correct. My doctor at the time said I was on my way out of this life. (Due to my disease I shouldnt have had kids. It kills people who have it because you fall apart.)

In 2016 I had to have brain surgery called Decompression Surgury. The surgery went well but it was the septic infection that set in after 2 weeks that literally killed me. I didnt know that I had it. One morning 2 weeks post op, I woke up and my bed was wet. My incision had reopened and my brain fluid was gushing out of my neck and head. My mother rushed me to Memorial Herman where a shroud of doctors piled around me. I was laying on my side as they pushed a tube into my back to lower the pressure. They could not give me drugs because my heart rate had plummited to 43/30. They started yelling and screaming shes coding! SHE'S CODING! At that moment I started to feel the most incredible peace. I saw everyone running around me but I didnt care. It would all be ok. I felt myself almost give way. All of the sudden I was staring at my mother who was outside the room and she was sobbing. I wanted to tell her, "Mom, it's wonderful. Everything is fine," but I could not. That is the last I remember. I woke up a week later in ICU when the nurse came in, she told me what happened and I was astounded. I looked at my mother who was reading a book and I said "Mom wow they are playing great music in here." She said, "What music?" I sang it to her. It was the most beautiful classical music in the universe!! I thought the light above me was a speaker. When the nurse came in, I asked her about the music as well. She too said there was no music. I sang it for the next 5 days! I heard it anytime I was away. It was like I had a Bose headset on and it was turned up all the way. I was still on the verge of death. A week later they told me that I was getting better and they would put me in the regular unit. So they did and 2 days later the music stopped. They had me on the same medications the entire time (I have the recoreds). The only thing that changed was that I had stepped back from that ledge between life and death. It was insane. I can still remember what it sounded like. So beautiful.

In June of 2018 I had gotten an infection from E. coli (juicing organic veggies). It was in my system for a month until one day at work I passed out because my kidney failed. They rushed me to the ER. Between that and being awake I had seen and played with my childhood dog many times. I would train him, play with him, and he would sit on my lap. I could smell him, feel him, and hear him better than I could in real life. It was amazing. Everything was so bright and positive. When I awoke I found out that I had again coded but after a week of being in the hospital they let me go.

Every time I had one of these experiences, my world became brighter. Everything went into technicolor. I had a deeper understanding for all things including myself. There was meaning in everything! "Live in the moment" is a true thing and I even started to wonder: is there truly even a past and a future? I live by this and teach it. I try to help people every day. Life can and will get better! It is so beautiful; you just have to notice it! 


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