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S5 Revelations


P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.

The near-death phenomenon covers the broad expanse of the human condition. Insights gained from studying NDEs challenge many of society's cherished beliefs and understandings. Questions such as: What is this thing called life? What does it mean? What is our purpose here? Why is there so much injustice and privation? What can we glean from near-death experiencers that may bring comfort and encouragement? P.M.H.'s session will address these questions and more. She will not be approaching these "Revelations" from the aspect of prophecy-who predicted what-but rather from a panoramic style. The insights she will share with the audience reflect a quarter century of investigation into the phenomenon.

P.M.H. Atwater has been an active researcher in the field of near-death studies since her own three near-death experiences occurred in 1977. She uses police investigative techniques as her protocol for data collection. She has published her findings in six books and has lectured extensively. She created a unique audiotape entitled "As You Die" for persons nearing the end of life. Dr. Atwater has been a regular contributor to Vital Signs, a Board Member of IANDS, and a frequent speaker at IANDS conferences. Her memorable enthusiasm for the subject results in a "one of a kind" presentation style.

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