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Four researchers discussed their current studies. Dr. Jan Holden, a professor at the University of North Texas, spoke of studies of veridical perception where NDErs are asked to identify a flashing sign in the room where they had their NDEs. The sign was placed in a position that they couldn't see it from the supine position of their bodies. Dr. Jeffrey Long, a radiation oncologist from Tacoma, WA, spoke of his web research site and the information that he is gathering through that site. Dr. Bruce Greyson, a psychiatrist from the University of Virginia, spoke of the window of opportunity that we currently have for studying NDEs in electrophysiologic labs where cardiac patients with severe rythm disturbances of their hearts are frequently caused to have a cardiac arrest in the interest of determining if they need implanted ventricular defibrillators. Willoughby Brittain, a PhD student at the University of Arizona, spoke of her doctoral research which involves monitoring EEGs during sleep in people who have had NDEs and those who have not. She postulates that there may be different brain wave activity in the right temporal lobe beween the two groups.

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