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20 Near-Death and Death-Watch Experiences--Opening onto the...


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Near-Death and Death-Watch Experiences--Opening onto the Mystic Path
Yvonne Kason, M.D.

Dr. Kason will describe the NDE that she experienced in an airplane crash in 1979. She will tell how this led her, as a medical doctor, to research and counsel persons who have had near-death and other types of mystical experiences. She will share several stories of other people who had glimpses of Spirit, the unconditionally loving power behind the universe, not when they were close to death, but when they were close to somebody who died, what she calls "Death-Watch Experiences." Drawing from both eastern and western spiritual traditions and from modern depth psychology, she will describe the long-term psychological healing and spiritual transformation process which often begins after a mystical experience, including an NDE. She will use the Kundalini model to provide a framework to understand this transformation, sometimes called "The Mystic Path," as a lifelong process of deep soul healing, spiritual growth, deepening surrender to the Divine, and ultimately unitive consciousness.

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