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T3 Light Answers to Tough Questions


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Light Answers to Tough Questions
Nanci Danison, ESQ

The initial stage of Nanci Danison's NDE journey consisted of a step-by-step transition out of human constructs into a natural state of Energy Being with an extensive range of sensory and intellectual abilities. Stage two involved meeting other Energy Beings and sharing with them her just-passed human life, and recapturing her memories from her eons of life. At this stage she had access to the whole of Universal Knowledge. She observed the evolution of planet Earth in three epochs, the second of which is about to end. She then focused her attention on the answers to humans' most basic metaphysical questions, such as: "Who is God? Who are we?" Immersion/merger into the Energy Beings, and forward progression toward rejoining the Source, was the third stage. The final stage reversed the transition from Energy state to human context and reentry into the body.

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