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Attend an IANDS Conference without being there


All the presentations from the 2005 IANDS conference at Virginia Beach on one CD (click here for details). Now you can listen to some of the world's leading researchers and the NDEs of many experperiencers while you are driving, taking a walk or just relaxing at home. Each presentation is a separate MP3 file that can be played in your car's CD player (most newer cars have MP3 compatible CD players), on your computer or home CD player, or it can be loaded onto an iPod or other MP3 player.  

The 2005 IANDS conference featured fascinating presentations by Dr. Pim Van Lommel (author of the largest prospective NDE study that was published in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet) talking about NDEs and the continuity of consciousness; Bruce Greyson (editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies) discussing the NDE aftereffects on the religious and spiritual lives of experiencers; long-time NDE researcher PMH Atwater discussing techniques for experiencers to integrate their NDE into their lives; plus many experiencers describing their NDEs, often with special emphasis on the aftereffects.

The price for all 28 presentations is $94.95 for the general public but only $49.95 for IANDS members, a savings of $45. You may join IANDS for a first year introductory price of only $30, and get a $45 discount on the price of this CD (click here for details). Normally the cost is $10 for each individual MP3 download or $12 for individual CDs – so this CD is a savings of hundreds of dollars.

For full descriptions of all the presentations at the conference and to order this CD click here

We are in the process of compiling the presentations from other recent IANDS conferences onto CDs like this. Stay tuned in the coming months as we make these available.


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