Journal of Near-Death Studies Volume 35

jnds coverJournal of Near-Death Studies

button_buy_now  Vol. 35 No. 1, Fall 2016

button_buy_now  Vol. 35 No. 2, Winter 2016

button_buy_now  Vol. 35 No. 3, Spring 2017

button_buy_now  Vol. 35 No. 4, Summer 2017

  • Editor's Foreword • Janice Miner Holden, EdD
  • "He should stay in the grave": Cultural Patterns in the Interpretation of Near-Death Experiences in African Traditional Religions • Gregory Shushan, PhD
  • Historical Near-Death and Reincarnation-Intermission Experiences of the Tlingit Indians: Case Studies and Theoretical Reflections • James G. Matlock, PhD


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