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Researchers to investigate what happens when we die

Bruce Greyson, MDWTVR-com2Station WTVR in Richmond reports that beginning in January, Dr. Bruce Greyson and his team at the University of Virginia will participate in a research study where doctors will attempt to monitor near-death experiences as they occur in the hospital, using computers near the ceiling to project random images in places where people tend to go into cardiac arrest. The images will be visible only at the ceiling, looking down.

“We know that 10 percent of people who have cardiac arrest will say during the arrest, they left their bodies and many say they hovered above their bodies, looking down on it,” Greyson said. His team hopes to determine whether what the patient saw corresponds to what was shown on the computer.

The article also recounts the NDEs experienced by Dr. Eben Alexander and also Wayne Hart, who said, "There was a perfect sense of peace, of belonging, of being home... [Afterward], everything changed. I was a completely different person."

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