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No time existed in my heaven

Twenty three years ago, I was running late for work; there were freezing conditions and my car slipped off of a bridge. My body left the vehicle, landing on frozen ground. Due to the temperatures, loss of blood was minimal but I was out-of-body/NDE for three days.

I had the most wonderful experience you never can imagine! No body=no pain. I was aware of everything ... the people who thought about me; I knew what troubles they had in accepting the situation. On a higher level ALL created beings (fauna and flora) talked with me: even they know they were created by the SOURCE ...the VOICE... only humans THINK and don't accept the SOURCE. Nevertheless this is the only lesson we were put on Earth to learn. HUMANS ...BE.... aware that you are an eternal being, a soul in a body ... ETERNAL BE-ING WAKE UP! STOP THINKING YOU ARE HUMAN! Understand you are an eternal soul in a body experiencing Earth.

NO time existed in my heaven.


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