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My daughter brought special sweetness

I was having a difficult labour. Behind the placenta there was bleeding. I was trying to push but felt quite weak, so forceps were used to get her out. She was beautiful! I remember they placed her on me but I was at the point where they had to remove her, I was too weak.

They quickly ushered my husband out of the room... he came to kiss me with tears in his eyes. I remember the doctor was sweating profusely from his forhead. He said to the nurse, "Get the specialist." I was telling the nurse that I was getting tired. She was slapping my face telling me something about my daughter. But I was going and I could hear her telling the doctor that she didn't have blood pressure nor could she find the pulse. The specialist appeared on my left saying, "We are going to give you a blood transfusion." I shrugged and said, "Ok." His voice sounded like it was on loud speaker. I remember feeling so peaceful, so relaxed. There was a light in the corner of the room, growing bigger and brighter. I wasn't in my body, I was heading to the light. I was no longer attached to anything. As I was enjoying the feeling I remembered I had just given birth. Then a sense of an "unfinished duty" came to my thoughts. I said in thought, "I have a daughter to raise" and a picture of my husband came into my mind. I returned to my body.

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