It is March 25, 2002. I am being prepped for surgery. After the nurses put in my IV's in both arms, I remember them asking me to count backwards from 10. I don't think that I made it to 5. I'm not sure how long afterwards, I was outside my body; I remember seeing my body on the operating table.

I remember going back inside my body temporarily because I remember pain moving throughout my body as they moved me from my back to my belly. Then I retreated to the ceiling once more watching myself. I could hear everything but it sounded echoed. I found myself walking down the hallways. It did not seem real, like tunnels getting darker on the sides to a light. At the end, I came to a room so bright you needed sunglasses on regular day. It reminded me of a huge conference room with all my deceased relatives and friends surrounding it. At the head of the conference table was my step-dad L, had who passed in 1988. To his right was my friend E, and to L's left were my grandparents, my great-grandmothers (one I never met) and so on. I remember them talking to me but it was if they did not use their lips. Everything was spoken through our minds. I was told my job was not finished and that I needed to go back. At the end of the conference table was a door, which was closed with even more bright light coming from it. They told me if I entered the door. I would pass to the other side.

When I woke up in the ICU, I was so excited to tell everyone. After 9 1/2 hours of surgery and the recovery I was facing, everyone made me put it in the background for a little bit. A week later, I was home with my mom caring for me. I start having flashbacks of my NDE. I asked my neurosurgeon about possibly dying temporarily. I think he was insulted. My surgery involved moving the brain compression off of the spine (Arnold-Chiari Malformation I).

However, since that event, I have an increased sensitivity and psychic abilities. People have called on me to help them in their late stages of cancer, which I still haven't figured out quite yet. In 2003, I found that I have vibrational healing abilities. I tend to work in jobs around healthcare, where I can practice my gift unnoticed. I don't usually tell people about my gifts. I tell people about themselves. I never take a dollar from anyone. I'm always fearful that the gift will go away if I cash in on it myself.