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St. Michael, My Childhood Protector

I was playing in the basement of our home, and I was eating a hard candy (we called them jawbreakers). The candy got stuck in my windpipe and I could not breathe. After a few minutes, I fell to the ground and started to float out of my body. I found myself in a sort of tunnel, but it was full of colors that sparkled and I was starting to walk over a bridge to this beautiful landscape. I saw a brilliant light and from this light, a figure emerged and came towards me.

This being was very brilliant wearing a white robe with golden trim. I knew it was an angel. He just shimmered in a brilliant golden white light with shimmering wings. I was never afraid. The angel took my hand and communicated to me that I had to go back home as my mother would be worried about me. This angel was St Michael the Archangel--somehow I just knew this.

I walked back from where I came, and instantly found myself back in our basement and back in my little body. At the same moment, the candy came flying out of my throat and I could breathe again.

My mother named me Michael and I wore a St. Michael's medal around my neck. This medal is still around my neck today. I have had a devotion and attachment to St. Michael my entire life.


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