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Lessons I Learned From My NDE

I was very ill in January, 2010 and had a myasthenia gravis respiratory crisis in the middle of the night before I was admitted to the hospital the next morning. My medical insurance did not begin until Feb.1st, so I was trying to hold out until that date to call 911. I lived alone, and on the night of my medical emergency I had been ill for about two weeks with undiagnosed myasthenia gravis.

On the night of 1/31/2010 I could not breathe, and at one point I felt my soul lifting out of my body.

The feeling I would describe was my spirit or soul pulling out of my body. In that moment I realized everything is about love. I told this unconditional love source that I wanted to stay even though before this illness I had been ambivalent about living...not wanting to die, but also not wanting to cling to life like I had seen people do as they neared death. I realized maybe I had a purpose in life, and that I should stay for awhile longer, and at that moment a feeling came over me and I felt my soul return to my body, while I was still struggling for air.

I was admitted to the hospital for ten days until this crisis passed. I have had lingering effects from this experience in that I look at people not as their bodies appear but as souls in a physical form. Since this experience, I have had heightened intuition. I have also found that I do not want to be around bitter people. I feel an unconditional love for humanity, even people whom I at one time disliked. Since this incident, I do not feel so attached to my body...I realize it is just a shell. I also try to spread the word of unconditional love, but often people have a vacant look in their eyes when I talk about it. Yet, I remain enriched by this experience.


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