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Mom said I fainted

I was 5 years old and playing with neighborhood friends in the backyard of the people who lived behind our family. I don't know what happened to trigger my condition, but I had great difficulty breathing and became extremely upset. As I walked away from my friends I could not breathe.

I felt myself come out of my body. I was basically floating there next to my body that was now laying on the ground. I could see my friends but what had seemed so important a split second ago seemed meaningless to me. Worldly thing completely lost importance to me. I KNEW immediately that I was not just of this world. But I didn't remember where I had come from or what was going on.

I drifted as my thoughts turned inward and I tried to figure out what was going on. I could feel that time was fundamentally different than what I was used to; but I did not understand at all. I looked inward and tried to figure out what was going on; a vision/memory of a very beautiful city came to me and I became very happy. That was my home.

Then the thought of my "friends" who were waiting for me came to me (I have no other way to describe my feelings towards whoever it was I thought of, only that being with them was complete bliss to me). As happy as the thought of being "home" made me, the thought of being back with my very, very close "friends" made me even happier. Just then, some being whom I can not describe other than a being of light came to me. He/It made it instantly clear that I was not to be out of my body. And immediately, I was back in my body which was laying on the ground.

Whatever had happened to trigger the event seemed unimportant as I tried to figure out what had happened to me outside my body. At that time, I had never heard of people leaving their body, or other such things. I tried to ask my mom about it but I didn't know how to explain something so amazing and odd. She said it sounded like I had fainted. It all seemed to take about 5 seconds. Except time just doesn't exist the way we perceive it. 

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