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A Musical Note

In September 1990 I was scheduled to have major surgery to remove my gall bladder. I wasn't at all scared because I had a hysterectomy the year before and it went like clockwork. I climbed onto the table and the next thing I remember was a feeling of flipping over and thinking how strange it was that I could see the floor. I wondered if they had turned me over, and why I didn't see the table not the floor. The next thing I experienced was zooming up to the ceiling and looking down on a body, I say "a" body because I didn't realise at first that it was mine! I zoomed in without moving and realised that it was my body and it was dead.


The nurses were rushing around and I could hear the anesthetist saying "for God's sake breathe." Everyone looked in a state af panic. It didn't concern me at all that I was dead. I had no concern for the body. I thought, "Oh well, I'm dead, better go the."

Then I was travelling backwards faster than a bullet through this blacker than black void. I was terrified and reached out to try and stop myself. It was at this point that I realised I didn't have any arms; I could feel arms but they were replaced by whispy light. I thought, that's weird!

Then next thing I was standing in front of a building that was bigger than a city. The arched doors were huge. With only a thought of wondering what was inside, I was in a huge empty room. I could sense someone there, but I couldn't see anyone. We started communicating by thought. Faster than I could ask questions the answer came. Next I was standing in a garden. The colours were nothing like we see on earth, they were alive, vibrant and glowing. Then I heard a musical note. I knew it was telling me to go back. I said I didn't want to go back. I was in paradise and wanted to stay there. Again the musical note sounded and WHAM, I was back in my body gasping for air and had extreme pain in my chest.

Six weeks after the operation, I went to see my surgeon. I asked him what had happened to me during the operation. I told him that I saw the commotion, and what I had heard. He went deathly white and said, "You were determined not to come back to us, but we were even more determined that you would."

This experience has dramatically changed my life. I have a purpose. I live to help people. I channel healings, have psychic experiences and am no longer afraid of death. Thank you for reading my story.

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