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Two Brushes Unnoticed

I drowned when I was five years old. I choked on water at first, then stopped fighting it and felt fine. I marveled at the beauty of the green water and colors of the fish, and watched calmly as their mouths opened and shut as they swam by or bumped into me. Then I rose to the top of the water. I could either look beneath or over it, or go up. I went up in the sky and hovered over the pond. I saw my mom and sister on a blanket sunbathing and talking. I saw my brother at the edge of the pond; he was on my board that I had been floating on. That’s what caused me to drown. I could only dog paddle, and I used the board to get out in the middle of the pond, when he took it I sunk. As I hovered and watched them, I was angry that I had died and no one even noticed.

Then when I was 26 I had a seven and a half week tubal pregnancy with twins. I was being pushed in a wheel chair to an examining room. I felt like I was going to faint and vomit. They gave me a spit bowl, which was on my lap. I leaned my head down toward it. Suddenly I was shooting threw a tunnel like a rocket into space. The noise was loud from the speed and the ride ruff and bumpy. Then it stopped.

I was standing amid total bright light. There was a row of people sitting before me. One in the middle talked to me. I knew it was God. I couldn’t make out anything other than shadows, a sense of them. We spoke from our hearts and not voices, but words came out the same. I was rude and screaming at God saying, "No, I have three little boys at home that need me. God let me know.” I was manipulating. So I bargained, "Fine if you (God) look into the future and see that my boys are better off without me, I will go." Later I said, "Who else is going to teach them about you?"

Suddenly I heard the nurse who was pushing me. She was in the middle of a conversation with another female. She didn’t seem to notice I had just died. I was then put on an examining table where I shook as if freezing cold. The next morning it was discovered my belly was full of internal bleeding clear up to my chest. They called my whole family in and told them to make funeral arrangements then did emergency surgery. They said it was the biggest tubal pregnancy ever seen by the hospital. One baby made it in the uterus, but the other was stuck half in and half out.


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