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The Fastest Roller Coaster Ride Ever

While in a coma, I remember being sent through a tube. It felt like I was on a roller coaster except this ride was much faster. I say “sent” because it was a surprise; I didn't feel like I made a choice to enter the ride. It was as real as any amusement park ride I've ever been on. I never felt like I was in danger. I remember that it took me through various events of my past, such as times I spent at my grandparents’ house during my youth. I remembered going to the corner store to buy wrestling magazines and then walking back to their house.

The ride seemed to leave me in a faraway place that I didn't recognize; it seemed fraught with danger. I knew I would find my way back home but not before searching and searching and walking and walking. I was always walking and on the move. I walked mostly through what I perceived to be dangerous neighborhoods, but I was never afraid. It’s hard to explain the feeling. It was like knowing the potential for harm was there but not being afraid of it. I felt safe like I was being watched over.

I remember the stoppage of time. I was in a store and a voice came over the loudspeaker counting down minutes and seconds. I knew that when zero was reached time would stop. The voice over the speaker said not to worry because when zero was reached the count would restart but this time count forward rather than backward. It happened just like the voice told me. I think that the zero moment was decision time for me. Although the voice said the count would restart, I still had the feeling that I could control whether or not it would. I felt like I was in control of staying where I was or letting the count restart. I chose to let it restart and it did.

I remember a picture being taken of the priest visiting me during the coma. I remember it vividly. Later when I awoke from the coma I asked my wife to see the picture. She told me that yes a priest did come to my bedside but that no picture was ever taken.

The coma and my near-death experience had a profound effect on me. I am not afraid of death. I know there is a beyond that we all go to and that it is a pleasant place, more peaceful than can be imagined. The angels tell us stories and we see our loved ones. Just remembering it brings a flood of warmth to my soul. I know there is a God that we will all be with. There will be no pain, no suffering, and no hatred. It will be only happiness and bliss. Thinking about it gives me a real sense of calm and peacefulness. I'm glad I went through this experience because coming out on the other side has left me with an appreciation of life I've never felt before. I feel like a much more spiritual person and not the hyper religious person I was before. The religious aspect just doesn't feel that important. It is more about love, peace, understanding and harmony. I hope this doesn't sound corny or crazy or cliché but it was my experience and it doesn't matter what others may make of it. It was as real and personal as anything I've ever experienced.


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