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Since 2000 I'd become increasingly ill upon developing Sjogren's auto immune disorder, which attacked my salivary glands, heart and lungs. In 2002 I needed open heart surgery for idiopathic pericarditis, and in 2005 was diagnosed with an incurable lung disease called LIP for short or lymphocytic interstitial pneumonitis. By October 2008 I was dependent on supplemental oxygen, addicted to opiates and benzodiazepines, and prednisone, which brought my weight up to over 250 pounds and necessitated two cataract surgeries. I was often bedridden. I was severely depressed and slept an average of 16 hours a day. I'd given up hope of ever being healthy. Three days before I accidentally overdosed on Valium it became necessary to have my remaining teeth pulled due to damage from dry mouth associated with Sjogren's auto immune disorder. A valium drip was used to sedate me for the surgery, but posttraumatic stress kept me from completely going under. I have absolutely no memory of the gruesome dental surgery or my fighting the dentist. I also have no memory of the following three days at home recovering while I self-medicated on Valium. However, I remember one thing clearly. On October 23rd at 8:30 a.m., I heard the voice of God say, "Call 911."


I began to argue with the voice that I felt just fine. Then the voice of God commanded more firmly, "Call 911" and he added the word "NOW."  I don't remember making the call, the police arriving, the ambulance attendants taking vitals or putting me on a gurney and transporting me to the emergency room, or the fiasco that took place at the hospital to save my life. I remember absolutely nothing but the powerful yet loving voice of God.

I awoke in intensive care with inhalation pneumonia in both lungs, intubated, and very confused. When the tube was removed I was unable to speak or write. It's like my brain had been "rebooted" and I had to learn these things all over again. But my emotional reaction to all this was astounding. I was rejoicing and felt like I'd been hit with Holy Spirit "lightening."  I knew I was drastically different. Something profound had happened. I'd heard God's voice and he'd saved me. But more importantly, I awoke with no pain anywhere in my body. I'd been taking opiates 20 years for chronic back pain. Pain was part of my everyday life all that time. And, I'd just had all my teeth removed. Yet, I felt no back or mouth pain despite a mouth full of sutures. When my primary care physician suggested I should be weaned from all Valium and most of the opiates I readily agreed because I was "healed." That's what popped out of my mouth to everyone who asked how I was doing. I had no idea of what I'd been healed from, but I "knew" my body was different. My doctor just looked at me and said nothing. My husband just looked at me and said nothing. I knew they didn't believe me, but they were being very kind to me.

Seven days later I was released from the hospital to fully recover from pneumonia and begin withdrawal. For three months I was desperately sick from withdrawal symptoms, and didn't leave my bed except to use the bathroom. And I lost 50 pounds. As horrific a time this was for me physically I was filled with joy and happiness and peace. God was in that room with me; encouraging me, teaching me, and showering me with love. I heard God's voice giving me instructions as to how I was to live my life from that time on. In record time my pneumonia healed and the symptoms from withdrawal abated. But much more began happening.

Within six months I no longer need supplemental oxygen. All my Sjogren's symptoms began to completely disappear. My mouth, which hadn't produced saliva in over 15 years, became moist. My eyes became moist as well. By the time the worst of the withdrawal symptoms disappeared, my back pain slowly returned but it was completely manageable.

On the one year anniversary of my overdose my physician could find no disease in my lungs. It was as though I never had a lung disease, much less an incurable one. There was no residual lung damage. She was astounded! So was my pulmonologist when she saw me. Both doctors told me that this sort of thing never happens, and that there was no explanation. The Sjogren’s auto immune disease had disappeared as well. I was healthier then I'd been in 15 years, and I knew I'd been healed by God.

During that year changes began, such as increased hearing and physical healing, being more tolerant and accepting of other’s beliefs, becoming an AVID reader, knowing what animals are thinking and attracting them , hearing God's voice, and being evangelistic about telling others about God's love. My marriage is profoundly stronger than I ever knew possible. I’m less materialistic, a better listener, cured of bi-polar disorder and have prophetic dreams. These are just some of the changes. I didn't know what was going on until I began to read about NDEs and the after effects. My spirit confirmed the close call with death was an NDE experience. My life will never been the same; praise God! This has created nothing but positive changes in my life, and marriage. My husband who never believed in a personal God now believes in a God who loves and cares for us because of the miracles he has seen in my body, mind and spirit. We became involved in a church and I live my faith. I speak of my experience whenever I'm given the opportunity. The message I want to communicate to anyone who will listen is that God loves us beyond measure, and he wants us to trust him with our lives. Love is the ultimate answer to everything.


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