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I passed out while diving long distance in a community pool.

Last memory "before" was how extremely difficult it was to dive 50m this time.

Next, I was suspended on pinkish clouds, everything was very bright. I felt better than ever before or after it. No idea of time. Next I felt I was being pulled somewhere, I resisted, did not want to go "back". I also heard female voices chant "come back" (in Finnish I think). Despite my resistance I felt/heard a metallic zzzooom type of noise/sense. After this I felt hard cold tiles beneath me and heard normal voices.

When I opened my eyes I saw a bunch of hairy legs all around me. I had been pulled out of the pool unconscious and come too fairly quickly. Everything mundane felt harsh, unpleasant and cold. In the shower I realized I had soiled my swim pants.

I have discussed the experience relatively openly with family and friends.

After analyzing it I found out later on that it was pretty similar to other peoples NDE's. I am quite sure that I had not been exposed to recounts of these phenomena before the event, I was pretty young after all.

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At the age of 8, I went in diabetic coma. Doctors said I would die if I didn't make it by 5pm. I woke up at 4:45pm. I was alive. :-)

I spent the next 2 weeks in hospital as I was diagnosed with "juvenile diabetes" - First in Fiji.

Anyway, I was getting better when one night while I was waiting for my parents to come and visit me, I dosed off.

When I woke up, I saw a guy sitting at the end of my bed; I couldn't see the face. I thought it was my dad so I said "Dad"...and he looked around...He was faceless! The guy had NO FACE! I screamed. He got up and said to me "come with me" and put his hand forward. I was screaming and refused to go but to my amazement...I was moving. We both started flying and up we went. I realized I was up near the hospital roof and could see myself lying on the bed down below. Next thing...we were in a dark eerie place. I was standing in a pew with a few people. Then someone pushed the two ladies in the front in a ball of fire. The guy who pushed them was so tall, dark and very scary. We moved to another pew and 2 people were pushed to a BIG SHARK who started eating them. I saw big glasses breaking etc. Then next I know is, I was back on the hospital roof. I could see lots of nurses and doctors around my body doing something. I started falling down, and in I went in my body!

I still remember every single detail of it...20 years have gone but nothing can delete that experience.

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I was having my tonsils removed and the doctor’s knife slipped and I started bleeding.

I felt myself raising up out of my body and then looked down and saw me laying on the operating table. I heard the doctor tell the nurse that my heart had stopped beating and saw nurses hurrying around me. I then seemed to fly in the air and go into a tunnel of bright lights and beams of various other colors were bouncing off the side of each wall but I was heading really fast towards an even more bright light. I had this wonderful feeling of being free, loved and very happy. Suddenly I could see a tall man dressed all in white at the end of the tunnel and as I neared him, he raised up his right hand and I just stopped flying but I seemed to be floating now. I wanted so badly to go pass him into an opening of beautiful colors but he told me “no, it is not time now. You must go back because you have a lot to do first.” the man turned his right hand just slightly and I was flying very fast through the tunnel and I felt myself fall back into my body.

I awoke and saw my parents at my side and I tried to tell them my experience because I was so excited about it but I couldn’t talk. I was bleeding heavily and my vocal cords had been severed.

It took me more than a year before I could talk and then I could not say “s’s” or “a’s” for a long time. I still have trouble pronouncing some words.

When I finally was able to tell my experience to my parents I was told that I was a witch anyway because I was born with a “veil on my face” at birth. I also was born dead and it took 2 doctors to bring me to life and my color was bad when my mother first saw me. She rejected me at birth and most of my life.

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In the recovery room, after a colonectomy, I remember awaking to a feeling of pain in my shoulder. I was confused why my shoulder would be hurting since I was well aware of the type of surgery that was planned. I remember a man talking to me about the pain but I could not see him. He told me that he could make the pain go away.

The next thing I remember is my wife talking to me in recovery and telling me that the doctor had told her about my episode. That I was "dead" for eight minutes and CPR had to be performed.

The doctor had told her that he was up on top of me. She mentioned that the doctor had told her that he had talked to me about it. I do not remember that.

I do however remember a man in a hat. He was standing in the doorway, almost leaning a bit with his arms crossed. He was just looking at me but I could not really make out a face. He was pleasant and I felt comfortable with him. We talked, but at this point I can’t remember much of the conversation. He came and went over the next few days. I was not sleeping much because I was waiting for him. My mother happened to be there and she told me that a pastor had come and spoke with me and I do remember him but they were getting confused when I spoke of the man in the hat. I would tell them about meeting with him and they would assume that I was talking about the pastor.

I spent over 40 days in the hospital. When I went home I had other visions of him but kept them to myself. I don’t know why.

My relationship with my wife is different. My relationship with my son is much different. We are on the same wavelength most of the time. I can feel things now that I did not before. I could tell that my wife was having problems that she did not want to discuss and was trying to keep secret. I knew what they were before she gave any clues. I feel things about my son especially. I know when he is doing something he feels guilty about like drinking at a party in college. I can feel a lot of his feelings.

My daughter and I are on a wave as well but it is different. She and I are close but she is like her mother in that she wants to shield herself. It is like they know I can see but they are not sure if they should let me.

I also have a clearer image of my life and where it will go. I feel things. I know that sounds strange. I wish I could talk to someone else about this but I was afraid. I was afraid that they would think I was crazy.

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The experience I had, I believe was a genuine enlightenment experience over many years constituting 5 near-death experiences and culminating in a fundamental mental change in self-awareness and spatial awareness; an irreversible insight. The most fundamental moment of change came in early 2001. I had been through 7 years of accumulated anxiety and depressive states, constantly questioning everything. A 7 year relationship (with my partner becoming pregnant at the very end) had ended badly in 1998 after which I became deeply depressed and unable to find work, agonizing over why everything seemed to be happening to me at once, seemingly out of my control. I had to sell my flat which took a long time and move back in with my parents. Panic attacks, constant anxiety, isolation, loss of self-control in terms of anger/ frustration & tiredness were common.

After numerous failed attempts to find work in the industry I was used to (cutting edge virtual reality art & design), I finally sought medical help for clinical depression after exhaustion and isolation led to mental breakdown (several times). I became aware of phenomena such as synchronicity, in terms of things that were happening in my life were echoed in popular culture (new films, music, TV etc) a feeling of being on a point of cultural 'zeitgeist' and often feeling I'd caused it. I became extremely paranoid as I listened and interpreted every over-heard 'street' comment as something about me and my situation.

After a while, I became convinced that people were talking about me and not often to me, about their impression of my mental state. I also had become so alone and removed that whenever I went out into 'public life' as it were, I was extremely self-conscious and neurotic, often breaking down and confiding in/ or being very suspicious of, complete strangers.

These feelings came to a head when at one point I just sat in my chair crying, rain beating against the window and then suddenly, a total shift in perspective; a lifting of a veil from reality if you will. I have since described it as my 'focus-pull moment'. In film, when a camera pulls out and zooms in at the same time, usually focused on the reaction shot of a character, the background and foreground change in terms of depth of field, while keeping the face large in frame. E.g. Steven Speilberg used this alot in the 80's (Poltergeist, ET, Close Encounters etc). I felt my whole self as a complete entity, floating in space in my mind and became very aware of simple things like one's being at the top of the body, instead of elsewhere, and that being the 'centre' of self. Subsequent to this I felt very unstable and 'spaced-out', the spatial awareness feeling that I was standing on a big ball in infinite space, often making me lose balance, literally. I became aware of a clear feeling of the universal interconnectedness of all things. Friends and others also began to notice and comment, indirectly most of the time, on my persona being 'lit-up', illuminated, halloed. These side effects I had made me very frightened, as I was new to them and uncomfortable with what seemed an added responsibility, although for what I did not know.

I tried to deny and bury my feelings and not acknowledge any after-effects, trying to carry on as 'normal' with my 'act', but it seemed other people's reactions to me were making me more and more paranoid and self-conscious. My 'final' near death experience came at a point when I got so isolated, could not think of any other way to re-enter the world of 'regular' work (all my offers and approaches had been turned down) and was attending a mental health unit.
One day, I was doing some gardening and feeling at the lowest point I had ever felt, like a lead weight with no energy left, and then a small black bird hopped up beside me. I looked directly at it and it looked directly at me. To be frank it frightened the life out of me, as at the time it felt like looking in the mirror. "That black bird's very tame", said one of the attendants. I thought she was talking about me (even though I am male, my intuition and general outward persona gives me some female traits). I felt very black inside at that point, unable to resolve inner conflict about my purpose and what my experiences and what other people's comments about them, all meant. I spoke to my psychiatric nurse about the black bird in the garden; I told him that in fact I thought the bird was telling me to live, else I thought it was going to peck out my eyes or something! Since that time, I have noticed many Robins where I walk, sometimes up to 5. I equate the Robin with Batman and Robin and it's always a good sign and a good day when I see one. It reminds me of who I am and that I have things to live for and a service to provide to others. These things may sound extremely irrational but I believe now that the closer you move toward your essential nature the more in tune you become with natural events. After all everything comes from and goes to, nature.
Or Tao, as I've come to call it. The infinite, empty, nameless state.

My life focus has now completely changed and I am becoming a mentor and life-coach, helping others to help themselves. My interests now are much more people related than computer/ design related. I have visions of global unity through spiritual experience and I am working on becoming, or rather continuing to be a catalyst for global spiritual change; human understanding.

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Three days after my operation I was still unable to stand up and walk because I felt very dizzy. The nurses were insisting that I had to get up. After taking a few steps I fainted, they put me on a chair to recover. BUT I had to get up again in order to go back to my bed. So after the first steps I fainted for a second time and for a long period (I don't know the exact duration).

I don't remember how I got there but I found myself in a beautiful green peaceful landscape, with many flowers and running waters, everything had very intense colouring. I was surrounded by many transparent creatures (spirits?). I felt that they were very loving creatures and also that they were closely related to me like my family. I felt that something was pulling me away from that place but I didn't want to leave because I felt so good, like I was bathed in love and like I was belonging there.

When I recovered I found myself in bed with one nurse holding my legs up and the other one slapping me on the face with water. It took me some time to understand where and who I was. Also, I had a very difficult time to recover from the operation.

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I was in the final stage of childbirth for my first child.

I began to hear a humming sound that got louder and louder. The nurse was saying something but I couldn't hear her anymore.

The things in the room and the pain faded away, turning into a dark spinning tunnel. It seemed to be spinning. There seemed to be grooves like that of the lines on a screw nail going around the inside edges of this tunnel. It seemed like it was a large black steel cylinder. It seemed to be revolving slowly on the outside but I was spinning faster and faster as I descended up toward the top of this cylinder. The humming sound lessened once I realized I was in this tunnel. I did not know where I was going. I remember thinking, Where was I going. I began to look around to see how I could get back out of it, yet at the same time don't remember looking around. I then saw a light at the opening of the top of this tunnel. This light was a small opening to begin with and then became immensely beautiful. I cannot describe this brilliant white, yellow light. It was like it was more of a feeling that of peace that something to describe. I wanted to go toward it and let myself continue to travel toward it. As I got closer to the opening the light got larger and larger like a spreading out of something spilling. There appeared the upper torsos of approximately 6 people looking into the tunnel. They reached their hands out toward me to help me get there. They were dressed in black, seemed very kindly. Just as I was almost in grasping reach of a few of their hands they pushed me back. I don't know how because they never touched me. They just kept their hands withdrawn enough so that I couldn't reach them. I remember feeling very sad because I couldn't reach them. I seemed to be asking them to help me get to them but not with words from my mouth. They said "No you have to go back, you have something to do, you can't come right now, it's not time yet for you to come. Words something to that effect. I remember them looking at me but they had no faces. Yet I think they were old relatives and I know for sure one of them was an old uncle that died when I was a child. As they withdrew their hands back into the light, I momentarily felt bad as my hands began to drift back backward down the tunnel. I didn't want to go back. I remember going up toward the light but it seemed like I only remember my hands retreating backward down the tunnel.

The next thing I remember was, in reality in the delivery room a nurse was slapping the tops of my hands quite hard and saying hey wake up there, you have a beautiful baby girl. I forgot this incident for many years or rather just never talked about it. I don't know which.

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I went to the dentist to have a cavity filled. Novocaine always took a long time to numb my gums, so the dentist decided to use nitros-oxide along with the novocaine.

The next thing I knew, I was floating above my body and I could see exactly what the nurse and dentist were doing. I could see the nurse walk into the supply room and grab some supplies. I remember thinking "what's going on" and after that thought something or someone said, "you're dead." I remember turning away from my body and as soon as I did, I was traveling through a dark tunnel with an extremely bright light at the end. Again, I remember thinking or asking "what happened?" and then I saw some beings or entities, no one that I recognized, but I felt safe with them, and they said "you're dead." But they didn't talk. It was more like mental telepathy. I could hear their thoughts and they could hear mine. We didn't need to speak. I told them I couldn't be dead, because my mother was waiting for me in the waiting room and she would be really mad if I were dead. Then they asked me if I wanted to go with them or go back to my body. I remember thinking about it because it was so peaceful and beautiful and I felt so safe and calm. I told them that I had better go back because I didn't want my mom to get mad and then the next thing I knew I was in the dentist's chair.

The dentist and nurse seemed very panicky and he said that he would never use nitros-oxide on me again. When I went out to the waiting room, my mom could tell something had happened and she asked me what, but I really couldn't explain. This was such a weird experience and I'm sure she wouldn't believe me.

About a few days later, we were watching the Mike Douglas show on TV. He had someone on who was talking about NDE. I immediately said to my mom that that's what happened to me at the dentist's office, and explained the whole thing to her. Neither of us had ever heard of NDE before this, so I know I couldn't have dreamed it or had this thought in my subconscious.

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I do not remember much of the detail.

I was in a hospital and lived there for a 'time'. Neither parents are alive now. I am curious to how long, why and what happened when I was there.

I do know that I had rheumatic fever. I collapsed when I was around 7 when I was playing. I could not move. (maybe my joints locked?) I woke up in the hospital.

Before I woke, I remember floating over some doctors and I was in the bed. I thought this was funny at the time. I heard, like a ringing noise and a bright light that shone in my face, not like a lamp. I did not feel myself squint. I do not remember an exact speech. But like a low voice. I have various languages in my family, so it could have been a language I did not understand.

Afterwards, in my years in school, I have seen a dark figure in my dreams that seemed to always calm and protect me. This person was like a shadow. With a hat and pants. Slim.

After I was married (17) I had vivid visions of the immediate future. Usually harming someone. So I would warn people. At first no one listened, but after these things happened to them, they began to listen.

I have had people do some very mean things to me and have had a deep calm come over me as if something telling me that it was done for a purpose. I have been unemployed for almost 2 years. I was laid off after working for 10 years. I have had all my needs met without any Federal Aid.

I am eligible for financial aid to go to college. I did not know this until I was researching on the Internet and discovered the Trade Act information. After many months of tracking the information down I found out that the information for me to receive the benefits were sent to Texas. I live elsewhere.

The other day, I was in bed. I did not feel good. (sometimes when I have visions I get ill to my stomach) A friend came by and asked if I wanted to go to the store. I did NOT want to go. He just made me. (I am kind of a recluse) He proceeded to go to different locations to take care of bills. Each location he asked if I wanted to get out. I said no.

Upon going to a mart, he asked again. I had to go to the bathroom and I went directly there. I did not enter the first stall, which was open or my favorite stall, which is the handicapped. But went directly to another opened stall. Inside, there was a purse, I opened it and saw a lot of bills. Over $700. Before thinking anything else, not even asking others in the bathroom if it was their purse, I went to the customer service. After and only after did I think about what I did. Upon exiting the store, I was approached and thanked for turning the purse in.

I am basically writing because I have been recently wondering why I am so focused on helping the youth? I have even written a proposal and sent it out to many churches in the area. I was working with a church on their youth program. I do this to the detriment of personal relationships.

I have been told that I can have a 'relationship' and also do my work. I am also the one in the family who is responsible for the genealogy and Hebrew/Native American traditions.

I heard about the near death experience through a reading about a Dr. Richey. I peaked when I heard him say that he has a passion to educate the youth. Next day, I went to the library and came up with your organization.

I am really excited now to find out what happened to me when I was in the hospital those many months. I would like to read more about children who had the experience and now realize this connection.

I don't think my daughter has had an out of body experience. I am going to ask her. But I do know she is strongly clairvoyant. So is my grand daughter. I wonder, is this carried through genes? Or hereditary or, can be passed on somehow? She also sees the dark stranger.

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I was in my mother’s home, just about two months after my father passed away. I was very sick and my immune system was low. I felt myself feeling dehydrated and I could not get up without my head spinning. If I tried to get up to stand, the spinning was so severe, that I would land upside down.

I was lying in bed and I felt myself take my last breath. At that time, I said a prayer to God that, I have down all I could do and this was it. About two seconds later, two of the Brightest of lights about the size of a bowling ball came through the wall and came down in a curve towards me. I jumped back scared as a sheet. The two bright lights disappeared. First thing that came to mind was, I had to take care of my mother, I can’t go now. Staring at where the bright lights disappeared, about three seconds later, a jolt went through my body, it was total peace and love in one. It was electrifying total peace.

Then I felt able to breathe.

It took four days before I could walk around. The fourth day a minister came from Las Vegas to buy a motor home that my dad had. I had tried for weeks to sell it and never got a bite. Then, a Mormon elder traded the next day with a real nice minivan for my Chevy Van that needed a paint job.

It took me several weeks to finally get better. Later in the year I had a MRI done and, the doctor told me approx. when I was sick that, I had a stroke. I had a stroke at home and did not know that, I had the stroke.

My mother had similar experiences when she was young.

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Had an argument with a man I was living with. Felt hopeless, helpless, unloved, unsecure, frightened, alone, confused, mistreated. Drank beer and took a whole bottle of Valium. Laid down on the bed to die.

The man I was living with came back. The emergency squad was called and they tried to revive me. I died going to the hospital and that's when my journey began.

I was drifting. Was revived. Got to the hospital and died again.

This time I drifted above my body and saw everyone, including my body and everyone that was working on me. I smelled flowers. I saw a tunnel and drifted through. While drifting through I saw some people I knew, others I didn't, they were shadows. I saw a light ahead. It was so bright, I had to close my eyes. I saw a huge city, all in gold. I felt no pain. I felt so wonderful, more than words can describe. I wanted to stay, a voice said, "No, you have to go back." I traveled in reverse, it was dark and suddenly I was back in my body and I hurt so badly.

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and was told I should seek counseling. A nurse asked me why I had said; “there wasn't anything to live for”. She asked; "Do you have children?" I replied, "Yes." And, I've never wanted to commit suicide since.

I lead a quiet, ordinary life with a strong belief in God and Heaven.

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In 1987, my husband and I took a wonderful canoe trip into the wilds of British Columbia, Canada with another couple. Bowren Lake is part of a chain of lakes surrounding a mountain, and a very popular canoe destination. Many come from Alaska, Continental U.S., Germany and other European countries. The lake is in a Provincial Park located about 600 miles north of Seattle, Washington. This area makes you feel you have stepped back in time. The completely restored gold mining town, Barkerville has docents dressed in costume, operating the blacksmith shop, a newspaper print shop, restaurants, primitive homes, a church and a "Hanging Judge" in a courthouse where they hold mock trials.

The second day out in the canoes we found an unoccupied cabin built before
this area became a Provincial Park. Cabins were available on first come basis and were very primitive, but luxurious compared to camping and stashing your food and gear in bear-proof ladder storage areas. There were fresh tracks of many different animals - bears, moose, deer, many wild birds and a beaver dam nearby.

The second day, our friends opted to continue down to the falls. Since this involved portaging, we decided to remain at the cabin until they returned.

We spent the day enjoying the almost unearthly quiet. At dark, we stretched out on the floor in our sleeping bags. Sometime during the night, I was swept up by celestial "beings". I glanced back and saw my body still in the sleeping bag as we went through the roof into the dark. As strange as it was I felt no fright - only that I was being taken somewhere to be shown something. I really feel now it was my two brothers - one had died of a heart attack; the other in World War II.

Then we arrived in a brilliant blue/white area - there are no words to describe this light - so bright but no effect on the eyes. Then, I was surrounded in a large area with many spiritual beings and a feeling of love. - I was "told" without words that they wanted to show me something.
Then I saw my father. He was pacing back and forth in front of a brilliant, bright-lighted area, sort of like a cloud. I understood without words I would not be allowed to go into that area. He was young, and thin, dressed in a suit, complete with tie and hat; not in the aged body I had last seen him. He did not see me. I understood, without words, he was waiting for my mother, and couldn't understand why she was being kept from him and coming to this beautiful place. My father was the only person I actually saw.

Then, I was alone with an indescribable feeling of peace, and a sense of being a part of all knowledge - I have no words to describe that sensation. I do not remember being returned to my body, but was rather surprised when I woke up in my body in the sleeping bag the next morning.

What happened that night was just the beginning of many changes that took place in my life. I lived and was concerned with this event for over a year before I found a copy of "Life after Life" by Dr. Raymond Moody. Before that I had never heard of anyone having such an experience.

When we returned to civilization, a phone call to my brother in California, revealed the fact that when I had my out of body experience, my mother had suffered a major stroke and was in a coma for days. I immediately flew down to help take care of her. She recovered partially from the stroke and lived two more years.

What has happened to me since that experience is another story, or as Paul Harvey would say "the rest of the story".

Thanks for listening. I feel I need some help in addressing the rest of my life. I have had four books published, and have more I'm working on that could change the future health of our nation.

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My NDE happened around the second week in October 1999. For a year straight, I lived in constant, never-ending pain. I could not function.

My husband worked construction. Before he left for work, he would cook breakfast, get me and the kids up, and go work his butt off all day, to come home to cook, clean, do laundry etc. I had two small children, two boys, 3 yrs. and 7 yrs.. My husband & I had only been married for 11 months.

I could not take care of my house, husband, kids, like I wanted to. I couldn't play with my kids. I was told I would never have kids, so to finally be blessed after 10 years of trying and two miscarriages, and not be able to do all the things I dreamed of doing with my kids, well it broke my heart. I was deeply depressed and felt TOTALLY worthless. I prayed, “God, let my die!” “Heal me or take me home! I do not want to live like this!”

About two days before my NDE I went to my Dr. and got my usual muscle relaxers and a stronger pain pill. I weighed maybe 108lbs at the time. I took the pills as prescribed, but I feel that the dosage at that time was too high.

On the second night, I went to bed. I was on my stomach, I had my 3 yr. old on my left side and my husband on my right. I was instantly aware when I stopped breathing, I was like, “Wow, I just stopped breathing!” Then I rose out of my body and became instantly aware of how heavy my body was and how freeing it was to be out of it! No more pain! I began to float toward my bedroom door to the left of me and I looked back at my baby, my body and my husband and a feeling of panic came over me. And I thought, If go through that door, I will never get back to my body! Yet, it felt as if I was being pulled and couldn't stop it. The next thing I remember is being in this dark gray area, I was scared, there were these dark forms all around me, I could not see features but they had arms, because they all came at me, tarring, clawing, etc. I was in tears, I just looked up and cried, 'Jesus, help me!' Then, I was in this tunnel, while in this tunnel, I felt like I was sliding down the tunnel, this freaked me out, because I thought, 'Oh, my God! I'm falling downward, I must be going to hell! I was terrified!

The next thing I remember was trying to get myself to wake up, trying to kick my husband to get him to wake me from this nightmare! I woke up in tears! Shaking, scared to death! My first words through the tears to my husband was, 'Oh, my God, they were trying to kill me!' I was talking about the gray forms. I got up, too shaken to try to sleep. I turned on the Christian TV network, and they had a show on about NDEs. They explained in that program about people sliding down the tunnel to heaven, so I was relieved that I did not go to hell.

I had another experience, but I can't put the time frame together, if it was before this experience or after. In that experience, I left my body and went into my children’s room and floated over there beds, just checking on them. I assume this took place prior to this experience because, I just thought of it as a dream. Knowing what I know now, I know it was an out of body experience.

Since my NDE my physical condition has GREATLY improved! I enjoy nature! I love gardening now, planting and watching it grow thrills me, painting, walking nature trails etc. I appreciate this life so much more now. I know that we are here to learn and to love. I feel at one with the universe; I guess would be a way to describe it. Life is so much more exciting when you have the knowledge you take from an NDE. It’s just a simple knowledge yet it is the key to everything in existence.

There are alot of questions I would love to ask someone. I would like to go under hypnosis to recall the things I don't remember about the experience, but don't know where to go to do that. If I can assist you all with any studies, I am more than willing to do that and get my questions answered in the process. I am so glad you guys are there for us. Thank you for believing in us and not blowing us off as looney tunes! Keep up the good work!

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My husband and I were in an auto accident a week before Christmas, 1964. We were passengers, sitting in the back seat, when another vehicle coming towards us side-swiped the car in front of us at a high rate of speed and then hit us, head-on.

My injuries involved a shattered left knee and broken upper leg, as well as extensive facial injuries. I was 6 months pregnant at the time, and went into labor as a result of the injuries.

I can remember paramedics looking at me in the vehicle, and saying, "Oh my God, this one is pregnant." Is it possible that I was alert enough at that time, considering the pain I had to be in, to hear that statement?

In my ADE experience I can remember "floating" down a tunnel toward a beautiful light. The light did not hurt my eyes, although it appeared to be very bright. There were beings hovering around, giving out peaceful "vibrations" and assuring me that I had nothing to fear. The beings all seemed to know me, and kept reassuring me that everything was ok. At some point I had to make a decision - to continue on toward the light, or to return to life. I discussed it with the beings - my decision to return to life was that I had two tiny children who needed me. I decided to come back.

I remember being in the intensive care unit, with my family around the bed. My mother was crying, my dad was next to her, an aunt & uncle around them. I looked up at them and my thought was - "I feel so sorry for them, they do not know what I know. It is so beautiful." That thought was very vivid.

For many years I did not mention this experience with anyone for fear of being deemed "crazy". I had not even heard about NDE until many years later. What a shock to learn that others had also had that beautiful experience that I had felt.

While I do not feel that this experience has made me a "better" person, I do know that it has changed my outlook on life. We are only here for a limited time and we must make the best of each moment. Death, in itself, should not be feared. There is definitely more to life than that which we presently see. I had been brought up being taught of God, Jesus and Heaven, and in 1969 came to a saving knowledge of Jesus. John 3:16

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Suffered a stroke in the evening about 9 pm, after finishing up some shop work at home. Came upstairs to my bedroom, undressed to take a shower and collapsed.

During the 13hrs I was on the bedroom floor, part of my conscious mind began to function. At that time, knowing I was in trouble, I asked God for protection. The lord saw fit to send three angels to look over me. My guardian angel asked:"what would you have me do?" I recall the smell of clove.

I sent my guardian angel to put the thought that I was in trouble in the mind of a friend, Tom. Tom came with my next door neighbor, found me and called 911.

Was in ICU for 3 weeks.

Today, my left side does not function well, and I’m slowly working to be able to walk again. Neurologically only a small section is gone, with no impacts on math or writing skills.
Basic lTM is fine and the STM is improving steadily. Prognosis: arm: 95% and for the leg: 100%.

It all takes time.

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I had to have my gall bladder out. I had been sick for a year and pregnant for most of that due to the gall bladder problem. Two months after my daughter was born, I went in for surgery. I was admitted the night before and I was very nervous about it. I was heavily sedated before they brought me down for the operation and remember very little. The surgery went well, but in the recovery room, a nurse noticed I had stopped breathing.

Then I had a cardiac arrest. I had no regular heartbeat. I was zapped at least three times with the paddles before they were able to get a regular heartbeat, but I still required a tube to breath because I couldn't do so on my own. I was in a coma and placed in intensive care. My husband was told I would have brain damage, but they did not know how much. I remained in a coma for a few hours and then started breathing spontaneously on my own. After they removed the tube from my throat, I started screaming and trying to get out of the bed. My husband related this to me. It took about four orderlies/nurses to hold me down. I was sitting up with my eyes wide open and screaming while trying to bolt out of the bed. I have no recollection of this, whatsoever. My husband was very disturbed by it. Finally, I guess I settled down.

The first thing I do remember after falling asleep for the last time before the surgery, was darkness lifting suddenly in front of my eyes--like a black curtain going up. And there was my husband standing beside my bed looking at me with a very strained look on his face. He said, "You almost died." The next thing I remember is my surgeon standing beside my bed, looking very relieved. He asked me my name and I think my social security number. He said he cried when they called him back into the recovery room to try to help resuscitate me.

I had a long and frightening recovery. I lost the use of my hands for a couple of weeks, my peripheral vision, and my eyesight in general was very screwed up. I literally couldn't see straight. Neurological tests afterward revealed that my brain was as scrambled as if I'd been hit by a "mac truck," as the nurse put it. My head felt strange. I told my surgeon that what was in my head, wasn't getting to my hands. After that the numbness came on. The neurologists said my ulner nerve had been damaged and the lack of oxygen was probably responsible for the loss of my peripheral vision.

When I was in the hospital this game show was on my TV. The contestants were given a math calculation to do. I was never good with math, but it was like a pinball shot off in my head--I did the calculation in an instant and came up with the correct answer before any of the contestants! That was the clearest my mind had ever been! I don't attempt math problems on a daily basis, so that has not happened since.

The experience, or lack of, was very disturbing for me. Where was the light? No bells, no dead relatives. That lack of experience was very disturbing to me. One of the first things I told my surgeon was that I didn't see a white light. He told me I wasn't "dead" enough. I had burn marks all over my chest and ribs from those paddles--that was "dead enough" in my book. What followed over the next few months was even more disturbing to me. One night I had a dream of being lined up in front of a firing squad with other people. I wasn't in the front row, I was maybe 2 or three rows back. The soldiers were dressed in some foreign uniform. They took aim and shot, people around me fell. They took aim and shot a second time, more people around me fell. The third time they took aim, I ran away and the dream ended. I woke up extremely upset to the point of crying. I had this exact same dream two more times over the next few months. The only difference was the uniform of the soldiers. I had a feeling of unexplained anger over the whole incident in the hospital.

Finally, I remembered I had a copy of my in-house hospital records (which I requested on the advice of an attorney after the incident). I opened the envelope and read them for the first time about six months after the incident. In it I found comments from the nurses about my condition before during and after the incident. Along with my physical condition, they wrote things that I said, along with the time and date of any conversations. The first words I said, late that night, after coming out of the coma were to a nurse. I asked her "did my heart stop?" I had no recollection of that conversation. The first conversation I remember was with my husband, and I mentioned nothing to him about my heart. I had no idea what had happened, but I knew when I looked at him that something was wrong. Yet I talked to a nurse before that and asked her if my heart had stopped.

A description of the operation was also in there. Part of this contained a description of how the drug (marcaine) they suspected as the cause of the respiratory arrest was "injected around the wound." The drug was administered as a "shot." This immediately rung a bell as the "shot" from the firing squad in my dream. After reading this, the firing squad dreams stopped. But it wasn't until years later when I happened to be reading up on marcaine in a pharmaceutical book, that I discovered that it was administered as a series of "shots" or injections around the wound after it was closed up. In my dream, I witnessed two shots; before the third one, I ran. I still cry about those dreams to this day.

Since then, I have made a full recovery. Although we like to joke about the jury still being out on the "brain damage." Most people don't know about my experience. I'm reluctant to share it because of my lack of a "typical" or positive near death experience. I don't want to tell people that I don't know what's out there. I believe on some level I knew what was happening to me. I was as knocked out as a person can be, so I don't know how I can know anything. But, somehow I do know. I lead a full, responsible life. I am successful at my job and have no physical handicaps from the incident. Everyday I wonder what I'm doing here. As a result of this experience, I raised my children with love and patience, respect and understanding and I think they are very decent people. I find myself waiting for my next purpose to be revealed. I'm not religious. I question conventional beliefs, but I'm comfortable with my outward religion for now. Whenever I hear "What’s This Life For" by Creed, I cry.

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I overdosed on 76 1mg Xanax. I woke up in the hospital 10 to 12 hours later. During the time I was out I had an out of body experience that I equate to a near death experience.

At once I was a Dark Body Planet. I had no recollection of my life before; I just was the planet. I knew every inch of my surface and the exact measure of my depth. My consciousness encompassed my whole self. It is hard to describe but it is different then the consciousness that I have now which mainly in my face and eyes. The most striking thing about this experience and the thing I miss the most are Eternal patience with a singleness of purpose.

I knew exactly how far it was to the next body, I mean I knew exactly how far the next body was and I knew perfectly how far I was going and how long it would take to get there. I knew that I was moving toward a Black Hole. I had singleness of purpose and eternal patience. The journey would take billions of years and billions of miles and it didn’t matter at all. There is nothing like it in my life now, that kind of purpose and patience. Then I heard and saw my name called from a long way away, it was like light and struck me in my consciousness. Immediately I became a point of light and sped through an incredible expanse of space into my body.

I was in a hospital bed with an angel standing at my head. I could only see his hands, they were huge. I looked down toward my body and could see metal cylinders protruding out from my arms, hips, knees and ankles and I could feel cylinders out of the sides of my head at my temple area. When I noticed I became deeply concerned and distressed. I felt extremely guilty. Mentally I asked the angel why I was like this. I could feel and hear the cylinders in my head being pushed closed, when this happened I could hear a sound like the doors closing on the movie Star Trek. The metal was strange and left an impression on me that I am unable to describe very well but it was very high tech and light and hard. When he moved down my body with his hands he pushed all of the cylinders in and they locked with a strange sound. Then the angel told me not to worry, that I was born that way. ("It" was not my fault)

Then, I woke up again to the same room with my extended family looking at me and smiling and saying, "we love you."

Then, I woke up again and I was in the same room with just a couple of people there, this was "reality" and I was O.K. I was filled with the pure power of fearlessness and I knew I could never be harmed. I was absolutely not afraid at all. I knew the importance of the scripture about Jesus walking through the multitudes without anyone being able to touch him. This strength, although of no earthly use to me or my family, continued for 27 days without waning or decreasing in any measure. Until, I had a worry about the power bill come into my mind. It devastated me. It was like leaving heaven and entering hell. My small worry had the same effect as a major worry. The difference of night and day. One second heaven and the next hell. I crashed to the floor and cried. I just said no, no, take me back.

I had memory loss and had psychic abilities. I still may, but I have tried to keep most of it just in the back of my mind so I could reconstruct my personality, which was all but lost due to this experience. I lost connections with loved ones, like a relational memory loss. I became very intelligent. My mind was very quick and I could feel it. Like my mind could see the front and the backs of things. It is very hard to describe.

This should give you a general idea of the events and the results. I wanted to tell this story to see if anyone else has had an experience that is comparable. I am not a writer but, I have tried to be honest in my recollection. I know without a doubt anyone who has had an experience of this sort will have an understanding of how impossible it is to convey the depth and weight of such a thing.

Thank you for reading.

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While having an operation for a rare pregnancy problem, I remember looking down from a place up above and seeing myself on the operating table. There were two people working on me. I couldn't see their faces, just the backs of their heads.

When I woke up I was very sick and I was trying to throw-up but, the only thing that came out was air. I asked the nurse in the recovery room why I was so sick and she said that sometimes when people are under anesthesia they quit breathing and a tube is inserted into their mouth to help them breath and air leaks into their stomachs causing them to be sick.

I knew then, that I had died long enough to leave my body and see or perceive or what ever it was that I did in that room.

I am not afraid to die now. Death is not painful at all. Sometimes I wonder if I would rather be in the spirit world where there is no pain. I am not suicidal because I have responsibilities but, I can't wait to go back there again as soon as I can.

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When I knew she was gone; when it sunk in she was dead; I started to scream. She’s all I ever had in this world. I have no family but our kids. Just me. To be all alone with out her, as my tears hit her face, as I tried to close her eyes. No you can’t leave me like this.

Then came the light. Under the light was my wife and to upper right was my dad standing there with his hands in his pockets looking at me. To the left of the light was my grandmother, she put her hankie against her month and was crying at me. It was just like when some one walks at you at night with car lights [behind them]. I knew they were there for me (a nobody).

I still remember what my family did for me that morning. I’m still raising our children, they're 18 and 17 now.

I want to go there where they went and, I will some day? I don’t make the rules.

p.s. Me and my wife’s favorite movie was “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze. She always saved my dumb butt, even in the after life. I love her forever.

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26th October I had a motor vehicle accident which, was not my fault. Head on collision, spent 156 days in coma. I do remember some kind of tunnel, light on end, rapid acceleration toward to light. I saw myself on the road, saw cars, ambulances, police, like from the top, you can count leaves on trees...

Mentally so strong, this accident made me so strong. Able to push myself to more than limits. No fear at all, not even from death. Completely a loss of fear of anything ...

View: Top messagePrevious messageNext messageView: Bottom message  By Anonymous on Tuesday, July 1, 2003 - 11:00 pm:

I was experiencing much anxiety about sleeping and feeling physically vulnerable following a hysterectomy. I had moved to a spare room to avoid being jostled by my 22-month old daughter who always got into bed with my husband and me in the middle of the night. The twin bed was directly against a window, which let onto our front porch, and I kept dreaming repeatedly that somebody was trying to break in, and I was too weak to defend myself.

About 7-10 days after the surgery, I had a lucid dream in which my body rose off the bed to float about the house. It was as if there were a current of water about 4 feet off the ground and I was floating on it, on my back. After I was carried out of my room and around part of the house, feet first, I decided to go back to bed. I did this by grabbing the walls and doorways to pull myself against the stream back to the bed, head first. When I reached the doorway, there was no more current; instead it became more like free-floating in space. I had to do a combination of swimming motions and bouncing off of walls and furniture to get back to my bed. I had to also attempt several times to get the velocity right so I wouldn't rebound away again. Finally I managed to come to a dead stop just above my bed, but I couldn't go back down to the bed. I remained hovering a foot or two above the bed. It was just like floating on water.
Then I began to go up. A wall of mist gathered around me, so I couldn't see anything, certainly not that I was going up, yet I was certain that I was. It felt rather like being on an elevator. I thought to myself, "Oh, great. I'm dreaming about a NDE, and it's so hokey! A tunnel of light, how corny! Can't I be more original?" I had a moment of unease as I wondered WHY I was dreaming a NDE; I became positive that I was in fact dying, and I wondered why, for my surgery had been uncomplicated and I was physically fine. I had a flash of thinking that I had asked for it: I had been feeling suicidal and imagining it a few days before the surgery, partly because of job-stress-related depression and partly because of taking steroids to get rid of poison ivy before the surgery. As I continued to rise, a defiant feeling came over me: "God, you will NOT hold that against me!" Then I told myself firmly, "God is not like that; God is love."

Then the rising ceased. The tunnel opened onto a cloudy plain. It was bright and featureless, except for a floor and ceiling of fluffy clouds. The floor and ceiling appeared to curve together in the middle distance; I was enclosed in a large, empty space. But it was not a void; it felt friendly and safe. I felt good there. I had no physical pain. In fact, I was unaware of my body. I ventured a mental inquiry: Am I alone here? A mellifluous, deep voice, that echoed with feminine overtones, spoke: "Welcome, little one." I felt bathed with love and understanding and comfort. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run to embrace whoever was speaking, but there was nobody visible. I had the sense that there was an invisible door off in the mist, and that the Voice spoke from outside (inside?) there. I had the sense of being in a vestibule or narthex outside of a sanctuary or temple--maybe just outside heaven itself. I did not feel barred from entering, but I wondered if I had permission. Then the Voice said, "You may stay...if you choose to." I thought, "This is nuts! Now that I finally got away from the pain and struggles of earth--and without having to do myself in--why would I choose to leave?"

Suddenly I got an image of my daughter. She was precious and adorable, and I felt a fierce love for her. I wanted to see how she turns out. I wanted to be there to protect her and teach her. I did not want to leave her behind. Then I saw my 5-year old son, and although I did not feel as fiercely about him, I felt I owed him better than leaving him behind. I felt guilty for wanting to die. I felt even more guilty when I saw my husband and thought of leaving him with two small children to tend to while he finished his Ph.D. I thought of how he'd have to move out of the parsonage, and I couldn't imagine how he'd cope. I was feeling guilty, a little afraid of being roped in by my guilt, and then a bit resentful about it, when my view switched back to my daughter. I was convinced that I had been born for her, to bring her into the world and to raise her up. I felt that we had a covenant between us and God. I felt that God was accepting and forgiving if I chose to break the covenant, but I didn't want to do that to my daughter. It seemed to me that we had a mission, almost.

And my husband and son and I had tasks to fulfill together: learning and preparing for something, not necessarily something that we'd all do together. I knew I needed to learn from them, and I knew that I would be some kind of catalyst for them. I still felt guilty for not loving any of them enough, more so for my son, most of all for my husband, but I knew simultaneously that I was doing the best I could (I had an indulgent feeling from God) and that in God's eyes there was nothing to forgive. And I realized clearly that I could choose to remain where I was or go back and strive to do better. I found I WANTED to go back, and at that instant I began dropping rapidly, breathtakingly. I dropped upright, but as I came to the end of the tunnel I saw myself lying on the bed. I executed a floating-leaf maneuver to get onto my back and settled gently into my body on the bed. I thought," OK, now hurry up! Wake up and remember this dream!"

That's when I realized I already WAS awake, and looking around the room. I wasn't afraid of the window anymore; I knew I would be staying on earth until I fulfilled my purpose. I felt that I had been literally and actually faced with a life or death choice, and that I had chosen life. I knew I would have the strength and resources to face it. I knew I was a volunteer for this life: I DID ask to get born! I became intensely curious about why, what for. Oddly, though I chose to come back for my family, I didn't particularly appreciate them any better, not after a day or two. But I did appreciate Life more, and I was no longer so angry that Life sucks, nor so mad and impatient with God about it as I had been (always--that's what drove me to seminary). I did get more urgent in demanding parishioner’s step up to the bar to work for a better world; I wasn't willing to just love and coddle them. I felt it was up to US to make the world better.

This led to an eventual rupture with that congregation, though for 5 more years I labored to bring them a vision and a way of bringing that vision to fruition. When I resigned, I was ready to quit being a pastor and find an alternative spiritual path, but that was not practical at the moment, and a vacancy appeared that was just perfect for us as a family, so I have continued in the ministry, feeling that God engineered the vacancy to keep me in the ministry AND in the healing group I had meanwhile discovered in a sort of spiritual underground right in the midst of a conservative rural community. Now that my husband has (finally) completed his dissertation, I am pondering what to do next. I am about sick of the Church as an institution; God is too limited by the Church, and misrepresented. I'd like to be free to speak of God as I experience God: as healing energy and a loving Mind. I long for a more liberal and enlightened community to belong to.

View: Top messagePrevious messageNext messageView: Bottom message  By Anonymous on Tuesday, July 1, 2003 - 10:49 pm:

My family raised me with an advanced spiritual consciousness and tons of unconditional love. But after age 13, my life was filled with death. First I watched my father die, then my Grandmother, then a beloved uncle died, all before I was 17.

At age 18 came the draft. I witnessed the very end of the Vietnam War, and the tragic aftermath. When Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia fell to the communists, there was death, destruction, and the mass murder of millions. As an intelligence analyst at a recon squadron in Southeast Asia, my job required me to study it, write reports on it, never to talk about it, and, worst of all, do absolutely nothing to stop the bloodbath.

After a love affair ends, people say they have a broken heart. They have no idea what that actually means; but I know. Seeing so much destruction and death--it truly did break my heart. Life was empty and meaningless.

For several years afterward, I lived in darkness. Then came a 15-year journey of recovery. Group therapy, psychiatrists, anti-depressants, support groups, men's groups, spiritual name it, I did it!

It seemed like I got better, but that war blew a hole in my soul that nothing on this earth could heal. I had a huge, huge case of survivor guilt. All those people died, and we didn't do a thing about it. And I could NOT get over it. I was angry at God, for showing me so much death, for no good reason. Finally, I just wanted to die and stop my pain.

On the surface, my life looked O.K. A decent job, a lovely girlfriend, even a cute little house with a garage. But I drove my car into my garage, closed the garage door, put on a Beethoven tape, laid back in my car seat, closed my eyes, and left the big motor running. I was all done.

That Beethoven tape played for 45 minutes. In that time span, a high-performance V-8, with no catalytic converters, should have pumped out more than enough carbon monoxide to make me unconscious. And then kill me.

But I did not die. I guess I left for a while. I'm not sure where I went; I did "download" a program that actually "ran" later. All I can remember from the garage is, after my ego-self was gone, someone was inside me, taking care of me, running my body for me. But it wasn't me.

This guy had such incredible love, patience, forgiveness, understanding, and even good humor. It was HIM who, after the music ended, raised my arm, stopped the tape, and switched off the engine. He guided my body up, out of the car, and into the house. He even put me gently to bed.

Next morning, my ego, the little voice inside my head that wants to run my was gone. In its place was an incredible sense of peace. Peace like I had never known. A Peace SO big, it can soak up all the pain from every bad thing that's ever happened in all of eternity. God's Peace.

Apparently, I wouldn't be allowed to die. Since I didn't know what else to do, I began to meditate...and pray. Real, talking-to-God prayer.

I imagined I was out in space, looking down on the earth, like God would see us. I imagined Southeast Asia, on fire, with bright orange flames, and thick black smoke, pouring out into space. All the murdered bodies being put into the ground, their souls slipping up to heaven like wisps of gray smoke. I tried to fill my heart with all the grief and pain it could hold as I gazed mournfully at my imaginary vision of that war.

Then God answered my taking over my vision, by changing it right in front of me. The black smoke vanished, the orange flames went to a brilliant blazing white light, a light too bright for human eyes, like the light at Christ's tomb. The light of resurrection. God's Light.

Then it happened. Words cannot describe it. But I will try.

The "program" I downloaded earlier began to run. I guess I left my body, and I know--I mean I absolutely, positively KNOW that I went into the presence of the Living God. Every perception I ever had, every sense I ever felt before, in all my life, was a vague, half-remembered dream compared to the overwhelming power and clarity of what I felt then.

I was swimming in an ocean of pure Love. An ocean so vast, and so deep, and so beautiful, a mortal mind can't fathom it. And I knew I was born to swim in that ocean. It was the reason God created swim in that beautiful ocean of Love, forever and ever.

Knowledge and understanding appeared instantly, fully formed in my mind. Feelings blew across me like wind. And God helped me look back again.

The souls who died in that war, they ran up a huge rainbow, straight toward me and they were SO happy! It felt like graduation day, a perfect June morning on a beautiful campus at one of our finest universities. Here come the elite students, graduating with highest honors from the toughest course in all human experience. They VOLUNTEERED for this demanding curriculum. They were proud to be picked, and now they've passed with flying colors. Joy is what they're feeling today. A chorus of a million angels sings that joy out loud. In perfect harmony, heaven sings along.

Those beautiful souls crowded around me, like little kids in an Asian marketplace, eager, happy, and thrilled. Only this time, I was the kid with a tear-stained face, and they consoled ME. (God really tricked me, turning my dearest memory of Asia inside-out, to open up my heart.)

And here is what they told me: Don't worry about us. Don't grieve for us. We asked for our "life assignments" before we were born. We agreed to die in that war because our sacrifice will help the consciousness of the whole planet advance much faster than it otherwise would. Our souls get "extra credit" from God for doing it, and we can grow by leaps and bounds.

We're honor students now. Our future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!

When things get very dark here on earth, it's then, just on the other side of the veil, that heaven's light is shining its brightest. No matter how bad things look, never forget that everything..every single thing that ever happens here on earth is designed to help souls grow. Everything, and especially shadow lessons, are a perfect unfoldment of Divine Love.

God said, I will be with you always, even unto the end of the world. Everywhere, every moment, in darkness and light, in good times and bad.

ALWAYS. Forever and ever. Amen.

When I woke up, my pain and grief were gone. I was healed. And my life would never be the same again. My life used to work from the outside in. Now it works from the inside out. Instead of working and pushing to make things happen, I stay in peace and love and trust, and God moves things.

Not long afterward, a small miracle brought me my inheritance: over 100 letters to and from my Great-grandfather. He was a combat medic in the Civil War (1862-1865.) His path is my path. His truth is my truth.

I soon broke up with my girlfriend, because I knew, I just KNEW that my soul-mate was not far away. All I had to do was find her. While searching, I had some fine adventures, and I eventually found her. She had a NDE of her own, many years ago. Now she works in hospice nursing, to help dying patients have a loving, peaceful transition. She has the most amazing heart I ever found in all my life. Her love reminds me of God's love.

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I had undergone open-heart surgery 2 days prior to replace the Aortic Root. The surgery had gone well and I was out of the ICU in 16 hours. I had started to feel real crappy by the end of the 2nd day and was not able to sleep at all that night despite the drugs given. I had a feeling of dread and panicked every time I caught myself about to dose of. Like falling asleep at the wheel of a car. I developed A-fib as a result of the surgery and I already had SVT prior to the surgery. The panic attacks triggered serious arrhythmia of various types. I had never felt so sick and weak in my life. Around noon on day 3 a nurse came into my room and told me she needed to show me some exercises that I would need to do at home when I got out in 2 days. I have 2 sisters that are nurses and they were there with me to see that everyone did their job. The three of them faced me on one side of my bed and I was asked to sit up on the edge of the bed. Immediately my heart stared racing, going faster and faster but not in coordinated beats. In the process of telling them that I was not feeling good I had a cardiac arrest. The official time before resuscitation was 4 min. 27 sec.

The Event

I was in an endless corridor. The walls sloped away as they rose on both sides. The walls were covered with moving images that I could not clearly make out as I could only see them in my peripheral vision. I was moving faster and faster. I clearly remember the feeling of acceleration like taking off in a plane only much more intense and none ending. Absolutely no fear, in fact I was feeling better and better. I heard my 6-year-olds voice call for her daddy. I barley heard it but I turned to try and look back when suddenly I was looking up at the faces of the code team. I tried to strike the doctor and nurse that were closest. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with dread. I can only describe it, as the feeling one gets when they have to leave someone they love after a visit is over only much more intense. I knew that I had died without anyone telling me. I tried to explain the experience all the way back to the ICU. It kept replaying it over and over in my mind like a loop tape. I could not get rid of the feeling of dread. Like I knew that I just missed out on the best event ever to come my way.

As it turned out. It was luck that I arrested when I did because it kept me in the hospital as I battled for my life several more times. I was given last rites 3 times in the following days. I spent 20 days in the ICU. I would have died at home. The desire to live and to die kept changing places in my mind for some to come. I don't tell as many people about the NDE as I used to because I will never be able to describe the incredible emotional feeling. Also it has become sort of a gift that bears guarding.
I was able to give some peace in the last days of 2 friends and their families after.

Now it is harder to remember it as I use to and would like to.

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It was so much during the time. At the time, I could hear voices. And, just see white.

I had taken an overdose of over 150 antidepressants and sleeping tablets.

And, I have always assumed the voices I have heard were my family around my hospital bed. However since then, I have on occasion experienced severe de’ja vu. And on numerous occasions realize that a moment I am experiencing I have dreamt before.

I have also had severe feelings that things are going to happen and they have. I have never had dreams that show me the future or anything like that it is more suggestion and feelings.

I have experienced dreams, which have seemed meaning less to me but, has had international consequences.

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Remember as a small child trying to think back as far as possible to my earliest recollections. It was the sensation of speeding (through space?) and hearing or thinking the words "At last." Felt as though I was emerging from an eternity of black nothingness.

Recently I went to the home page of a website with computer graphics showing what it is like moving through the tunnel. I was fascinated for quite a while because it resembled so closely what I first experienced. A kind of re-experience!

Now realize that although I have not had a NDE I've probably had a near birth experience and the tunnel properties of both are similar.

Less skeptical now about some of the NDE accounts.


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