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Lucid and Rapid Thinking

I was visiting with my family in the beautiful city of Acapulco, Mexico on a summer vacation in August 1982. We had a reservation in a hotel. Immediately upon our arrival to the room, I suffered an accident that drove me to a near-death experience. I ran through a glass sliding door, breaking the glass with my forehead. Suddenly, the next scene I remember is lying on my knees as if crawling.

From the moment my body crashed into the glass door to the moment I was laying on my knees, there is a lapse in my memory (as I later learned since I thought for many years that I had fainted). As I was feeling thousands of pieces of glass falling onto my back, in my mind I saw the images of a movie I had recently seen about a man who was thrown into a glass window causing his death. Immediately, I feared for my life and I thought I should stand up and get away from it. Suddenly and resoundingly, the upper part of the glass door slid down reaching my neck like a guillotine, resulting in a fatal wound that involved the aorta (as I later learned). Right after that I saw how my body was fully covering in my blood, like a river overflowing, and I saw how my blood was pumping out of my aorta. I stood up from my knees and I shrilly uttered an exasperated snort, Papa as I started to run in great fear and horror.

It was such a terrible scene. My dad reached for me, stopping me from running away, grabbing my sister's dirty blouse that was lying on top of a dresser close to the bed. With it, he made a tourniquet around the wound in my neck to stop the bleeding. He placed me in the room bed, sitting and placing my arms around his waist to stop the bleeding from my right arm that had two major wounds cutting the main veins in my arm joints. He was holding the tourniquet and holding me tight. My father said, "We need to go back to Zamora" and so I thought I did not want to ruin our vacation and then I said, "Why don't you place a band aid around my neck and I'll be fine shortly." At that point it seemed that I could not comprehend the severity of my wounds.

After that, I had an experience that seemed to span centuries. Suddenly I realized I was about to die, and although I was not at all in any physical pain, I felt this dreadful sensation all over my body. I rapidly moved from precipitous terror and overwhelming fear for my life to a profound knowledge that I would definitely die. Ironically, by acknowledging my own death, I felt a profound sense of peace and serenity than I have ever encountered. It was like I moved out from the tragedy to my inner self, a place that I found imperturbable, totally quiet and at rest. I then said to my father, "Dad, I'm going to die." That was the last thing I said at that moment. I lost blood so quickly that I reached the point of clinical death in an instant.

After this, I rapidly felt outside of my body, but still in the immediate physical environment, I was levitating at the roof level of the room. The momentum of the experience carried me. Time seemed to have disappeared; I was still completely calm. My emotional upheaval vanished. Though I could not precisely explain to myself what was happening as I saw my own body from a distance as though I was a spectator. I saw my father holding me tight with intense fear in his eyes, and I saw my mother running toward the reception area crying for a doctor. I saw my maternal grandmother and my sisters coming up to the room, and I saw other people from the other rooms coming to see what was happening. Then my mother came back to the room with a doctor by the name of Jesus.

As soon as the doctor saw the wound in my neck, I saw the same fear in his eyes as in my father's eyes. He mentioned, "All hospitals in Acapulco are on strike now so let's get moving quickly. Hopefully we can still bring her back." Then, I saw an extraordinary strength and confidence in him as he started to prepare for resuscitation and surgery in the hotel room.

Amazingly, I knew I had not reached the point of termination, but rather of transition. I saw sequences of my life passing before me like a movie in fast motion but with amazing detail. What happened to me next is almost indescribable, as I find no words for it. Very shortly after, I was rapidly pulled into a dark space. I saw a spherical long dark tunnel before my eyes, spinning around me, full of what seemed to be dark clouds. At the far end of the tunnel, I saw a distant, brilliant, white light coming toward me, or maybe it was pulling me toward the center of it. I'm not certain. This intense and radiant light was so bright and yet I was not dazzled.

I knew I had no physical body anymore. It seemed like I had a different type of body, totally weightless, feeling no bodily sensations, no temperature, or anything like that. It was a different state of being. I had a body of what seemed to be made out of a shapeless energy and a bright indigo-bluish light. My new body had a more or less irregular circular form and it seemed to have what I would call arms and hands that would come out of this circular pattern when needed. Also, the language spoken involved no physical words or sounds, and yet I could understand what I was being told. My thinking process was also different, more lucidly and rapidly than in physical existence. My mind and attention span were so amazingly clear that I could easily understand what I was told. It was as if we communicated in a form of a direct transfer of thoughts and ideas, a mind-to-mind kind of language.

Then, I saw many beings of light waiting for me and saying, "Welcome back." They were happy to see me again and they were welcoming and radiating all their love to me. It was a very happy moment seeing them again, although I'm not sure if I knew them in physical life. I also realized that I was about to meet with the Madonna and that she would eventually take me to the point were everything would be explained to me. In this place, there are no physical bodies; we are some source of energy, which goes toward a gigantic, majestic, and divine fountain full of love. We belong the wisdom of God...for it is our home. I was then immersed into this indescribable majestic non-dazzling light in which I felt it was Christ, and without any earthly words, as I described above, I had a conversation with the Madonna and the Divinity. The Madonna was interceding for me in a wordless conversation full of meaning that changed my life entirely. I felt their presence and I felt at one with them. I felt an exceptional silence of inner peace, and oneness with all things. It was a perfect love. Death was nothing to fear any longer.

We reviewed my life and also discussed my mission in life. I was told that two boys would be born to me, one would have a name of an ancient king, and the other one would have Jesus in his name as the Lord has a special mission for him in life. However, up until now I cannot recall exactly what the rest of the conversation was about. I feel that there is more to it, but I can't remember. Eventually I remembered being told that I could find their guidance through my dreams and visions, and that my words and life experiences would help heal thousands of people, awaking them from a sleeping mind, preparing them for the hard days to come. I was told that I was one of the divine's "flesh ropes." I never wanted to leave the presence of the light.

I knew somehow that even though I was yearning to stay in my new home, I needed to be back to my physical body to accomplish my entrusted mission. I realized I had to make a decision. I remember saying to myself, "Please I need to be back now... what about the ones who are waiting for me? What about those two kids?" Immediately after I saw the Madonna's hands letting me go out of the light saying, "Go my child, go." Suddenly I was pulled away from the bright light and the dark tunnel like if I was quickly sucked down from a funnel or a bottle. I came back to my physical body with a jerk-like sensation as I felt tremendous pain in my wounds. I felt the pain of the resuscitation attempt in my chest. As I tried to open my eyes I saw the doctor was trying to bring me back. I strained to fill my collapsed lungs. I was intensely pulling so much air inside my lungs. The doctor then continued to stitch my wounds. I was feeling my body again, transfixed by a state of complete and mesmerizing contemplation.


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