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Living Water

It all started when I broke my arm in an accident during a conference. I fell from some sort of jungle gym unit and landed right on top of my right arm. I had an operation where they reconnected the two main bones with plates. Several months later I was again in the hospital because the plates on both bones in my right arm need to be removed. During the operation they made a mistake and removed only on plate. Therefore I needed a third operation to remove the last existing plate. I felt cheated and depressed because I really hated going through the whole procedure again. Before the third operation, I prayed and ask Jesus if he will show me that heaven really exists and if he shows me somehow, I promise him I will not be disobedient in the daily situations. In that time before the operation I really work hard to help others and be a blessing to them and not be grumpy and selfish as previously. I still did not know how Jesus could possibly make me go and see heaven because my request seemed rather far-fetched. But, I kept faith that somehow it would happen.

The third time we went to the hospital to remove the last plate. I had to wait in one of the halls. We were close to the window. I noticed the doves on the windowsill so peacefully going about their business. My mother said a little prayer for me that all should go well. Suddenly, I heard a voice saying to me loud and clear: Everything will be okay. I was sure Jesus said it because after that my fear just vanished. 

I was on the operation table. One of the personnel put a narcosis mask on my face. She told me to inhale. The picture in front of me just disappeared. But, this blackout wasn't like the previous ones. I still remained conscious. My senses were tremendously alert. I became aware of a loud vibration sound. Everything around me seemed the deepest black that I had ever seen. In the far distance there was a tiny spec of visible light. For some unknown reason I started accelerating toward the spec of light at an incredible rate. It seemed that I was sucked along a tunnel, rushing past stars.

Then I became aware of a being alongside of me. I thought that it must be an angel because of its appearance. The light in the distance grew extremely bright and the tunnel had bright yellowish clouds streaming from the light source. At the end of the tunnel the light grew so bright that I could only see absolute white. Then all of a sudden I was in a place so beautiful that no words can describe it. I said to myself, so this must be heaven! I notice the angel was still along side me. It seems that he knows exactly why I am here. We communicated telepathically. We traveled along a small road for a while. Right there in front of me stood the entrance to heaven.

Before we entered my guardian angel suddenly stopped me and said after my visit here I will have no doubt that heaven exists. So we entered thru the gates into a landscape that seemed like a massive garden of some sort. The grass was so bright, glowing with energy. I noticed we were not walking but floating above the ground. Your movement is controlled with your thoughts. I could not think of any bad thoughts as we could on earth. The peace was absolutely overwhelming. I felt like I could burst at any moment because of the intense love that streamed through me. I witnessed countless trees and plants that seemed in perfect shape. All of the scenery seemed to go into infinity.

My guardian angel was dressed in a pure white robe and seemed kind of transparent. I noticed my body was very different as on earth. It lacked nothing, no pain or limitations just perfect. I became particularly interested in the robe I was wearing. I glowed and my whole body seemed to emit light that made me also kind of transparent. There were countless people there, all dressed in white robes; some were walking in the garden. Others were flying through the air at incredible speed. All around was just happiness in its purest form.

Suddenly, I thought of some people back on earth that died during my childhood. They were all in our church. I thought that if what we teach there back on earth is true then they should all be here in heaven. I was thinking of a lady that was incredibly happy on earth, and I was certain that she should be around here. Out of the blue before I could finish my thought there she was walking past me only 10 times happier. I just thought of the particular person and right there they appear in front of me. Then I became so amazingly joyful because they are all here safe and sound and seemed incredibly happy.

Then I thought of a man who wrote a book in our church that was the leader of the church for a long time. He died a few years ago and was a good example to me how we should live our life on earth. There he was right in front of me. I thought that he could certainly give me advice to return here when it was my time. He told telepathically many things which I don't quite remember all. One thing I do remember is that he said I should persevere till the end. He said that was how I can attain paradise again. A little further off from where I stood was a place where some people sat around a being. I immediately recognize them as the apostles, Elijah and David of the Old Testament. I was amazed to see them. It was like you knew everyone for a long time and just forget who they are. In the middle sat someone that seemed to emit such great light it was so bright and powerful that you really couldn't look right at it. I just knew it was Jesus.

My guardian angel asked me if I wanted to explore more of heaven. Instantly I said yes. I looked up and could see no sun only a blue sky with clouds. I traveled unbelievably fast. I saw a sudden drop or a steep slope at one location in the garden. When I arrived there I had a scenic view over the scenery that unfolded in front of me. Down below in the bottom of the hill where I stood I could see all kinds of animals and people in white robes playing. There was a river and a pure golden bridge that crossed over it. In the distance I saw a city with towers all in gold and white and amazing bright colors. It seemed that the great city was emitting light that shoots out from it with such energy you could feel the power. I wanted to go there but the only way down was flying and I did not feel comfortable with that.

I saw a stream of water that run along the edge of the garden. When I came close, the water was crystal clear. I have never seen such amazing water before. My guardian angel explained that it was living water. Shortly after that my guardian angel said I should return to earth because it was not my time yet. All of a sudden I traveled back to earth at such a speed, through the tunnel, and back into my body.

Immediately I awoke and said to my parents standing alongside me, I was in heaven! They seemed rather puzzled but I didn't care because it all seemed so real, even more real than this life we live here. I explained to my parents that I saw many of our dear friends in our church there in heaven. They suddenly seemed amazed. After my NDE I don't fear death anymore as I did before.


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