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You Were Dead

My first unusual experience happened when I was an infant. The stroller that I was in got away from my aunt and uncle; it rolled down a large hill into the middle of a busy intersection. Second, I was under my grandmother’s dining room table licking a razor and split my tongue. All I remember was my grandfather praying over me and I was fine. Third, I was about four. My father, sister, or mother didn’t keep a close enough eye on me at the time. I drank kerosene. The incubator that I was in wasn’t working. Just so happened a nurse came by and saw I was blue. Then came the fourth experience.

In 1984, rescuers had to use the Jaws of Life to cut me out of my car. I remember the light up ahead. I had never known such peace and then I heard voices that sounded like three or more people speaking to me. They said we’re not ready for you yet. I said, “Who are you talking to?” Then I awoke taking a deep gulp of air. At the door, I scared some man who was trying to get me out. His words will always stay with me. The man said, “You were dead lady. You weren’t breathing.”


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