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A Mission To Do

My injuries took place on an apple ranch in Washington. I went to the ranch house for help and tried not to fall down. The boss was my half brother. His son was just stepping out of the house door when I had asked him to please get his dad and tell him that I had a farm tractor wreck.

I couldn't sit up without rolling onto the ground and passing out. The ambulance arrived after my brother. Then my brother asked his son to call another area ambulance. They tried to put an airway down my throat, but it would not fit due to swelling. The ambulance attendant wanted to cut a hole in my throat so I could breath. My brother looked at both of them and said, "You want to cut a hole in his throat for him to breath? Oh no sir, nothing doing. You're not cutting any holes in his throat. He may never talk. Do you have a child's size that you can use on his throat?" The attendant responded, "yes sir, but it's too small." My brother said, "You had better do something for him." An argument ensued about saving money on airways. My brother won out on it. They used a child's plastic airway on my throat that caused pain, and now I still have throat trouble.

They took me to the hospital and put me on a bed. A pair of defibrillators was used to kick my heart back into operation. I passed out when the paddles were rubbed together above my chest area.

I woke up inside of another room where I was alone and covered under a sheet. I felt okay. I sat up in what looked like a dark room then went straight into a lighted room and didn't pay any attention to the lump on the bed underneath me. I turned crossways to sit up on the bed. That's when I thought about getting dressed, but realized I was fully dressed. I saw the lump at both ends of the bed. I started to wonder about the lump when all of a sudden the corner of the roof starting spinning over my left shoulder in the upper corner of the room. The spinning got faster and faster and then the roof opened. I tried to hold onto the edge of the bed but couldn't. As my fingers slid right through the bed, I went feet first into the tunnel. I was being pulled down toward this fiery looking area and that's when I begged God, "Oh no God, please don't let me die here today." Then I started going into another direction, a more pleasant tunnel of subdued light. Every so often I could see what looked like clouds floating along through the floor of the tunnel. This went on quite a ways and I ended up in a tunnel where it had elbows that made me sickish like when I had dropped into the blackish area.

On the other side I saw my great grandfathers, one from peacetime born in 1865, and the other from the civil war in a tattered gray uniform. I saw one who was a state senator. Then I saw a man riding a horse toward Mohawk Indians and toward British troops. He disappeared when I looked to my left to see where I was going. In front of me was a king's silhouette, but I didn't recognize this big man. He disappeared.

I entered into a blackened area after this crown's light almost blinded me. Suddenly, I ended up with a burning chest pain that went away. I knew that the doctor was trying to pull me back into my body. And all of a sudden I could feel this sudden cleansing come over me. Then out in front of me were all of these people. There was a doorway open in front of us and we flowed through it. It was as big as a garage door.

When the door opened, there was a tremendous snow-white flood over us. The sudden white light was blinding; I had to turn away from it. The next time I looked up, I was flat on my back and floating. On my left, I could see over the top of a brick fence that went on for miles. It was so tall that no one could get over it. I looked forward to see where I was going and this cloudy area cleared away. I saw a blackened area over one side of this large fence. No one was allowed to look over into that area for it meant instant death to do so. The sun was high in the sky to my left over the fence. In the corner there were two tall and round (barrel-like) cedar trees. There was a green pasture over the fence with another row of high trees to one side of it on a sloping hill.

I was back on my feet and free to walk around in what I call the waiting area. It was pretty to me. There wasn't a gate in the fence. I turned around to my right to see if anyone was there, but I found no one. Then I saw a man dressed in an unusual robe looking garment with sandals. I had asked him if someone would be with me shortly. He said, yes, someone would be with me shortly. He also told me, no one was allowed to look over into the blackened area or they would die instantly. One part of the fence looked like green vines were growing on it.

Just as I had started walking around this waiting area, something lifted me off the ground. I stumbled over something down under the smoky area. I was inside of it, up to my knees, then I was lifted up onto my back again. I had heard this wonderful, familiar voice, "It is not yet your time to be here. You must go back." I begged it to please not send me back. And that is when it told me I had a mission to do. I begged it to please tell me the mission so I could do it and come back. Then it told me I had to go back and perform my mission when the time came. I would not know what it was until that time. Then it would be my time to be there.

I awoke in the hospital. The doctor told me I should be legally dead and that they were going to bury me in 12 hours. It had been two and a half hours of death for me. I was cold and stiff from rigor mortis. The doctor sent me home only to die again one day. That was 1980 and it's now 2008. I have been fortunate, I'd say.


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