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I actually had three distinct experiences during my bout with
Tachycardia. I was in graduate school at the time and had just turned in all of my work to finish up this summer class. My heart failed at about 4 a.m. on a Friday. I awoke briefly at 2 a.m. Saturday morning, then again at 7 a.m. When I initially woke up, I thought "somebody must be very sick because mom, sister and brother were all there." My first thoughts were confusion because I didn't know what had happened. As my mind began to return, I felt incredible fear, because somehow I knew that I had been somewhere and lest I want to wind up in "WARD C," I had better keep my mouth shut.

The first experience was where I landed, or appeared, on a "cloud-like" substance like a street but you didn't feel it when you walked. I stood alone yet further away there were humans milling about. They were in this huge gymnasium-like structure that felt enclosed and even seemed like it had a roof although I couldn't see it. Yet, it went on forever very open-air, bright, white, clean, but nothing hugely spectacular in sight.

Three oldish (in their 60's maybe, wise wrinkled but not feeble) men were standing nearby and one of them walked over to me and said, "can I help you?" I was very confused. I said, "uhhhhm, I'm not sure where I am, or what I'm supposed to be doing, or where I'm supposed to go."  He went back and huddled with the other two. The same man returned and said, "uhhhhm, we don't think you're supposed to be here yet." I said "ok" and that was that. I remember turning around but from there on I am not sure how I returned in this incident. I kept my mouth shut about this one.

The second incident occurred when I was in the cath lab, where they were going to test several medicines on me. They had the wire in my leg, and in my heart, and "they" were controlling my heart, inserting heartbeats to see if the medicines worked. Well, this one didn't.

Light 10 times brighter than the sun yet curiously, it didn't hurt my eyes whatsoever. I remembered the warning to never look into the sun and the thought crossed my mind yet, I kept staring. While it was darker around the light, it didn't seem like the traditional "tunnel". I was enveloped in this "bath.” It actually felt like a bath, maybe warm jello, only I didn't get wet. The bath was absolute unconditional love and acceptance and forgiveness. I just never wanted to leave. It was exquisite.

About the best way to describe it is to take the best steak, the best lobster, the most spectacular view, the best booze, and the most exquisite sex with the most exquisite partner. In other words, take the best you have ever felt, done, been, however, any way, anyhow and take them all and throw them at you at once and it is just a small fraction of how delicious the feeling is.

To the left, were beings in human in form, but I could not identify them or their sexes, more like shadows. At the foot of the bed, coming from the light, the MAN appeared. He looked very similar in appearance to me, 5'10" - 6', beard, and short hair. He didn't look exactly like me, but I guess what I am saying is that he was an average looking Joe. I said, although I didn't have to, because he could read my thoughts and I his thoughts. "I'm embarrassed." He moved toward the right hand side by my bed, and said "why are you embarrassed?" I said, "Because I have made a lot of mistakes." He softly, like a grandfather, chuckled and said, "well of course you did! That’s how you learn." I felt I was immediately forgiven of everything at that moment.

My life review was well, lengthy, so I can't go into it here. Yet, it happened in less than a second and I saw EVERYTHING I ever did, said, wrote, thought...embarrassing. We mentally chitchatted a bit, and then he said, " Is there anything that you'd like to know? I said, "yes,” the age-old question, "Why are we here on earth?” The "Man" responded, "you are only here on earth for one reason. You’re only here to help each other." Almost certainly implying that we are here temporarily, to serve that function.  I presume for some higher purpose to be known in the future (after death). He then said "Is there any reason that you can't come with me right now?" I remember thinking, even though I knew he could read thoughts, "Oh shit, this is IT!" I really wanted to stay but I said, "I'm in school right now and I don't have any insurance to bury me." I guess I expected argument, or at least some urging or discussion but he dropped my hand and I began falling backward. I woke up in tears in the cath lab and was immediately aware of where I had gone and been and seen. This was my most detailed and profound experience, the life-changing one I suppose.

The third time was again, in the cath lab. I was (flying, floating?) on top of rolling fields of green grass.... like those pictures of Ireland. I floated above the hills toward a cliff-like area. After viewing the area, I stood with my back on the edge of one of these rolling hills. A donkey kicked me in my chest. I tumbled backward over and over, falling. Nothing hurt and when I landed on my back the light appeared above me. Here's where I get a little sketchy but somehow it was communicated to me that I never have to worry or fear the rest of my life. The bright place with the three men is where I am going when I die and finally that I did not have to worry about my purpose that needed to be fulfilled. All I had to do is live my life and that purpose would be fulfilled.

I have only had one "out-of-body" experience since but it could have been a dream or it could have been an episode and my internal defibrillator saved me. I flew wherever I wanted and had the ability to instantaneously appear anywhere I wanted and see whomever I wanted. It was powerful but like I said, it could have been a dream.

I fulfilled the command of helping each other by changing my career from accountant to teacher. I am now a professor and help a whole bunch of students become accountants.

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