I saw a "stairway to heaven."

On the steps and faces of the steps were little movies of my life playing. The steps leading upward from my vantage point were my future. The steps leading back down were of my past. On either side of the stairway was open air or space.  There were only the steps with open space behind them. It was light out and there was no landscape anywhere.

I found myself in an ornately decorated wooden room with a one-step stage adorned with open drapes leading to a room behind that. The 1 step stage was to my right. I had the impression that the room had two exits, but they were behind the curtains on either side. On the step in front of the curtains were two evenly-spaced-apart urns. To the left of the room, I had the impression there was an entrance. There was no obvious light source and it was not dark there. The room seemed to be 50ft x 50ft. The stage seemed to be almost the width of the room and 10ft deep to the curtains. The curtains were drawn. The opening to the room behind the stage was less than 50ft and centered with respect to the stage. The room behind the stage appeared to be 15ft deep. I could not see left or right behind the curtains. The curtains were drawn midrift with sashes. The curtain color matched the wooden room and I cannot recall the color. The urns were 5-10 gallons by volume, had decorations on their surface and they matched the room, too. I don't think there was anything in them. The ceiling was brown wooden like the walls.