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Hitting head at age 8 leads to lifetime of visits to heaven and spirit work

I died when I was a boy of 8, when I fell and hit my head on an end table next to my bed. I saw a being in a burgandy robe and then I fell asleep, but I never forgot him.

Years went by when I would understand spirits and felt them. I would speak with them in my mind through telepathy, mostly to assist in their ascension to go home (heaven).

In 1999, I left my body completely and stood next to Jesus on the Mount of Olives where I found out I was the apostle Thomas.  Seeing him bleeding with thorns on his head, I blamed myself and started searching for meaning in this vision. 

I later met with many psychics and others who have helped me understand that I have been here since the beginning of time and space, and that I came from the star SIrius to assist in the ascension of this planet.  Each night I go off to astral planes and timelines to clear issues, perform reincarnation of people who havent died joke, and go into " purgarory and hell" to raise souls back to heaven. 

I have a humbling and profound gift that I believe we all have. Just want to share it with everyone. Many stories, even meeting the lost souls of Chernobyl.


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