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Muslim man has spontaneous death experience; later becomes a Christian

I was 29 years old on 17 November 2010. It was evening and in Islamic tradition it was the holiday of "Ghorban", the day that every Muslim sacrifices a lamb to Allah. I lived alone, on the third floor of a building. It was a 3-story building, each floor having one apartment. The second floor was my apartment’s owners who were an old couple who were barren for a long time and finally they have been blessed to have a girl as a daughter. Coming to this point the daughter was 18 years old and they were so kind towards me to treat me as their son.

Usually during the days I was working and wasn't home, but that specific day was the day of my interest and I gave myself a break to be home after long time. I was alone drinking coffee, and watching TV, overthinking about my life and work and etc.

When I finished my coffee, I stood up to go to the kitchen and wash my cup, but as soon as I stood up my heartbeat went high and I felt the whole earth is falling on my heart. It was beating like 1200 beats per second. In less than a second, I realized that I lost my body's control and feelings. I couldn't control myself but the thoughts, I got some consciousness and awareness that this is the last moment of mine in this world. I suddenly realized I am going to die and after that my neighbor is going to go to my mom and tell her this news so she will lose her mind or she will die immediately, and it was a horrific experience for me because during the last six months I had a conflict with my mom and didn't see her, which I should have been doing.

I turned to God and asked Him for a small favor, just one day of life before I die. I was begging God to have another day to go to my mom and ask for forgiveness and hug her and tell her myself that I'm dying, but it didn't help.

Under my feet the earth opened and I fell into a dark tunnel without any light and sense. I was so scared, I was screaming and trying to cling on something around me which didn't help at all. I was drowning and drowning into the deepest darkness which didn't have any end.

Suddenly I stopped and there was nothing but darkness and fear.

I don't know how long it took but to me was too long delay waiting for something. In front of me from right to left, a huge 35mm film appeared, which in each frame I was dragged into them. I was reliving them again, from my childhood until the time of my death. I was aware that it's not a normal life but a repetition of what I have lived before and I was almost crying and begging everyone to help me to go back to that world again. Nobody could help or respond, just those who loved me and liked me and vice versa were giving me a peace and calmness which was always resulting in me being no more thirsty or hungry as well.

Finally, I came to the point of my death. I saw my mom in front of me at a distance. We talked about everything and it calmed me down. Then she turned aside and pointed to my love, my car, which was on her left and my right, but far away. She said go and enjoy.

I went to my car and started to drive and was enjoying it. Suddenly I felt my body is burning in fire and it was full of peace and power. I was drowning in flames which were so protective and calming. Then I opened my eyes, saw my neighbor and two medics from the ambulance in front of me. I was on the ground and one of them was writing some papers. My neighbor was screaming and crying, the medics were shocked; they were writing to announce me dead.

I was out of this world between 23-25 minutes.

In the time I experienced death, my neighbor woman was home alone and sleeping. She had a dream that I am not at home and it caught on fire, so she jumped and came to check. She opened the door which was locked before by myself but the door was open when she came to check, and she saw me on the floor, and called ambulance. Their station was just 2 blocks from our house and they came, gave me CPR and then they were writing the documents to call on hearse to come.

God had one more day for me, which I am enjoying it till now, day by day.

Before my experience I was a radical muslim. After that I felt the strong essence of God who is the creator and everything is in him, and I had a sound mind that I have a mission here on the earth to create something and be kind to help people. I believe that everyone has a specific mission from God and as soon as this mission is finished, we will go back to Him, but those who are not using their mission will fail in vain.

I started to smile to everyone on the street after that and started to read more about creation and God's presence. I ended with the Bible. It took me almost 1.5 years to realize and comprehend what I had experienced and finally I could relate every single event of that experience with the Bible.

Three years after that I became Christian and started to study Bible and share with others as well. God blessed me to establish more than 5 churches in Iran, 2 in Tbilisi, Georgia. More than 250 people left Islam and believed in Christ, more than 150 got baptized by me.

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