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Woman in accident sees Earth as oval

On August 4th 2022 at 4am, I had a severe car accident at an intersection. I was stopped for the red light, it became green, I started my car, moved a bit, then boom!

I didn't feel any pain from the accident or anything! In the blink of an eye, I was outside the earth. It was me without my body. It was an extraordinary feeling of freedom and joy!

It was dark all around me, except earth. I was able to see without eyes, think without brain. I was an energy.

I could move just by having the intention to. I was easily moving, and fast. I was looking at earth. It didn't have any interest to me anymore. Earth was not as we see it now; it wasn't circular but oval. I saw the whole world as yellow or golden color light energies, moving and connected to each other except a few dark blended energies, very dark in the center and lighter in their peripheries, different sizes. They were not connected to others but important and powerful.

I was excited to go farther, far from earth, as I knew there was a crowd or living things or movement farther beyond a certain point that I was close to. I looked back (thinking about earth for the last time before moving forward, what's the point?).

A message came to me (to my mind). I can hear suffering souls on earth and intervene for them to protect them. I was excited to move forward and go beyond that point.

Then I woke up in the ambulance, by the doctor asking me questions: my name, where I was going. I lost my memory for a while.


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