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Four-year-old falls and meets Yeshua (Jesus) and Council of Elders

At the age of four, just before my fifth birthday, I fell headfirst from a height of 8 to 9 feet into an in-ground silo onto a concrete landing. I saw the dirt wall go by in slow motion as I fell.

My oldest brother, who was keeping an eye on me, ran towards me immediately. My mother, who was further away, was screaming, "Don't touch him!"

I panicked when I realized that I had died and was surrounded by warmth as I was pulled away through a bright golden light. I was then led by a man who held my left hand tightly, and I later understood that he was Yeshua, although he didn't look like the pictures with which I was familiar. I was confused and scared as I alternated my gaze between Yeshua and my lifeless body, still at the bottom of the silo.

As we walked, a multitude of people surrounded me, and the number kept increasing. I began to focus on Yeshua to avoid looking at the growing crowd. He explained that the souls were waiting for me, "Earth souls to help lost earth souls." Yeshua revealed that he chose me and said, "You were there in the beginning." I was shown a vision of myself in another place and time, walking through people that appeared off-color.

As I continued to walk with Yeshua, the colorless people began to change and transform from grey to hues of varying colors. A collective of six or more unknown individuals formed a "V" formation, and around them was the same golden light as before when I left my body. They began to move through the crowd, dividing the mass of people as they walked along.

Yeshua led me to a place where I could address my Council of Elders. The Council of Elders consisted of 11 members who stood evenly around a circle of small stones that appeared 25 to 30 feet in diameter. Each elder wore a white robe and bore a pendant displaying a medallion that consisted of two circles. Yeshua placed me in the center of the inner circle.

A tall male figure from the outer circle came close to me and showed me how to move my hands. His name was Taos, and as he continued to move his arms around, he began to glow, and his face transformed into a bright white light. The others were humming, and light energy hit me from above, jolting my whole body.

Despite my fear of the experience with the council and all those people, Yeshua told me, "You can do it."

I woke up with my parents in the doctor's treatment room, and there were no visible injuries to my head, although I felt exhausted. The doctor looked like Taos. I remembered looking down on myself in the silo and the car ride to the doctor's office, so I don't know if I died twice.


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