On May 3, 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at 20 weeks pregnant. I went through chemo pregnant until 4 weeks before I had my son. Two weeks after he was born I had a mastectomy, five weeks after that I started 12 weekly chemos then went for 37 radiation treatments. Four weeks after ending treatment I dropped dead in the middle of a residential street. 

My sister performed CPR followed by a motor cop who was the first on the scene. I then had to be paddled over 4 times to come back. That day was May 1st 2013, 3 days before the one-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis.

I came back knowing certain things about this life and world. I can say without hesitation to my children that we are and will be connected forever. There is no question. I just know things. I know this life on earth is temporary but our spirits are forever. My empathy got so strong that I can't be near certain humans with anxiety or negativity as their stuff washes over my soul. That part is really hard, especially with the anxiety floating around the past 2 years.