One of the hardest things to do after an NDE is to put such an experience into words. I will try my best.

So I ask with all god’s love to stay with me while I tell my experience. My NDE was about 8 years ago but according to the realness of it, it was yesterday, in a different form of time.

I had an arrythmia where my heart would pause during sleep. My cardiologist said it paused 4 times on the 24hr heart monitor, so referred me to an arrythmia specialist. I went to the specialist and was told I have bradycardia and mobitz1. He mentioned a pacemaker and blood pressure medication but I didn’t do it. He asked me if I was taking any medications for my heart to beat so slow during sleep, 36bpm. I said no, nothing.

So a short time went on and I got sick with a fever but not due to the arrythmia. I’m hypersensitive to a lot of medicines and medications so I’m careful what I take. When I’m sick my arrythmia acts up and my heart can slow more. I took aspirin for the first time and that slowed my heart in my sleep to a complete stop this time. How long? I cannot say, but the experience was more information learned in a matter of seconds then the time to learn here.

So, with all the different experiences people have and how they begin is so hard to put into words.... I just remember GOING. I guess we call it traveling here. It just happened so fast, I felt everything he is, god... I saw the light, I was in it, this light... it’s not something you just see and look at, it’s like your whole self becomes your vision and a new depth of how feelings are absorbed is unimaginable.

It is the cure for everything we suffer here, everyone here does things for fixes or to feel good etc. and so many don’t know how to stop addictions and get rid of painful things we endure, and god’s love oh so powerful is a cure. In god’s love there is a whole new meaning to the word love. This is not the light of the sun, the sun is beautiful and warm and serves many purposes, but that is the sun..... this light is different: it is God, and the love that it is, you now would understand the meaning of the word love... we here do not practice the full meaning of "Love" all at once. We love but with restrictions. GOD is the full definition of the word, and the word love to God is more than a word, when you’ve experienced god’s love and that love is with you, you will see and look at people differently than you did before. 

One thing I’d like to say also is that in God's World, and I’m meaning in god’s love, no one is left uncared for... No one, any patient you see in a hospital or someone needing care at any time, that person is all of our responsibility. It is our job to love one another without restriction. Nothing stops love in god’s world, there are no questionable thoughts whatsoever before helping someone in need or to just be loved. And I can say that God DOES know that we are not all fully experienced to the meaning of love, so we cannot judge everyone, which is so hard not to. 

We are all human, we have brains and we tend to think in separations, but God is not a separation he is everything at once, and he is in everything. When you’re on the beach with your toes in the sand, he is in that smallest piece of sand. 

I can go on forever... but my experience was so wonderful and sometimes hard because I have very few people I can relate to. I express myself mostly through doing things that I love to do, without words or talking. I better express myself through music and thinking; since my experience I started building things and my interest in nature and flowers, plants and animals is so strong. 

... so, during my experience I wanted to stay where I was and go further but I was completely shutout, lights off you can’t come here. This place of God was right above me and I can’t explain that.

I woke up, my heart was beating, I opened my eyes and the room looked different, the walls, doorways etc. This place looked just like what it is; everything is "Just." The door is a door and the wall is a wall, so when you’re coming back from perfection and god’s light and love, yeah, everything is "just."

I was still feeling sick but not nearly as bad, but I brought something back with me, and it was the greatest gift in the world, the love I felt from God was still with me and I tell you I loved everybody. I was more patient. Jealousy? What’s that? Anger? No way! God has none; all meaning of love was with me and it was all at once without separation, and you didn’t even have to be a family member to be loved by me. 

I smiled all the time and looked at everybody, going this way and that way, driving all mopey, and all I can think to myself was wow... we are all unaware that we don’t die, people are totally unaware of it all. 

I could probably write forever, but my experience goes so much further... when you have an experience you come back with so much to say and there’s so much you want to give, but it’s hard because not everybody understands love, and people want to be loved but it’s in their form of what love is. Animals will take your love completely without separation, but people’s egos separate so much.... when people get sick or they’re dying and their egos get weaker that’s when they’re ready to take your full attention and love... so in god’s way, without getting hurt or angry, just keep loving with all your heart.