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Mumbai woman has allergic reaction and heads up, only to come back down

It was in 2015--22nd April, two days after my birthday. I was to undergo a wrist surgery to release a tendon, as I was in immense pain and movements were restricted in my thumb. 

The nurses in the operation theatre asked me if I was allergic to any medication and I was not, so I told them I have no allergies. 

The doctors and nurses were getting me ready for the surgery and they gave me an injection of Emeset (ondansetron; it controls vomiting and nausea). I had a very bad burning sensation after they gave me a shot and I happened to be allergic to ondansetron and I was getting into a state of anaphylaxis I had hives all over my arm and I was so uneasy. They controlled it by giving me a steroid and they went ahead with the surgery and I was unconscious.

I was moving from a black hole and I remember feeling like I was warm and I was inside a womb like a baby, and I was very tiny and all I could see were drapes, flowing soft cloth in colors of red, orange and yellow. They were bright and beautiful and I started to move upwards and the drapes were never-ending and as I kept moving upwards, I felt so much love, so secure as a baby feels inside the mother’s womb. I felt love in the purest sense ... love without temptation, love without jealousy, love so pure which I cannot express. I was so detached to my real world that I did not even think about my family or my husband or my baby.

I was only drawn to the supreme love and I kept moving up. I was not in a body form. I was more like a cell. I felt very close to my destination as if it was a finish line, and then all of a sudden, I felt I was slipping down and while I was slipping, I tried to hold the fabrics that I see and yet the fabrics let me loose as they were so soft so slippery; I could not hold them. Something kept coming to me in my thoughts, like a communication, not with words but with feelings, telling me to go back as it was not my time yet. And I felt it was trying to tell me that death is beautiful and it should not be dreaded. 

While I was coming back in my consciousness, I kept shouting please take me, I want to go back up, don’t leave me down, send me up. The doctors kept asking me where up I wanted to go and I just kept saying please take me.

After I came back from surgery I would cry and feel sad of not being there and I did not like my present home. All I thought was about the love I experienced and the impact it had on me. 

I was more aware now how would it be when I die and I am not anymore scared of it. I feel more gratitude towards life and I respect it. I have changed since that experience.

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