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After dentist gives her gas, she goes through tunnel and feels God's love

I went to the Dentist to have a tooth pulled. I was given gas and left alone in the room. I felt the effects of the gas as I have received gas before. It began to create the "wa wa's" in my ears and I just relaxed and listened to the music.

Suddenly the music stopped and I could hear with totally clarity conversations going on in the rooms beside me simultaneously. I knew something was different and then I could hear the sound of my heart beating slower and slower until it stopped. I thought, "OMG I am dying someone please help me," but I could not call out for help. I suddenly felt like I was being sucked out of my body from a tiny place in my head and began to travel through a was a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and as I traveled through it I started to remember I had done this before, that I someone knew I had lived other lifetimes and died before. I could feel God everywhere around me, like unconditional love. I felt like there was no time nor space that it was such vastness and I began to remember my children and visions of pieces of my life and I felt I wasn't done. I was not ready to die but I did not want to go back so I continued through this magnificent tunnel, feeling I was going home. I then heard a voice say, "Hayley do not be afraid," but I was not hearing it through ears, I was just energy and I could hear it like telepathically. The voice than told me, “You are not finished, you have to go back."

I was suddenly sucked back into my body, like I was dropped back in it, and I became aware that a nurse was standing over me frantically trying to get me to wake up. She told me she was sorry I was left alone and she turned the gas off and told me for a moment I really scared her; she thought I was not breathing.

I knew that something incredible happened to me beyond just being on gas. I had gas before and never had I felt such things with such clarity. I cried the whole day later realizing in my heart that I saw God or was in God's presence. After that experience I had multiple out of body experiences where I could make myself float out of my body and look at myself; I even had one with my dog.


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