And so I found myself in the vehicle, an accidental case, I guess. They were there. Firstly, only two of them, one traffic police as a rescue member, then a driver. Is it his car? with which I crashed? Anyways, as you call it, I had an out of body and here I am in my body soon after it.

So, now I have questioning it in my heart that how is it I mean from where did I come here? And at the same time seeking to actually figure it out. And in the process what is happening is a by-pass phenomenon to some extent.

Above all now I am recalling and so the power of wanting to know let me know how I came in the vehicle which people put me together when I was having your so called out of body experience. Here when people with their effort were putting me in the vehicle my only molecular part was there with the body. The rest completely out was everything which is me. So in that sense yes when I came back to the body my molecule first became active. No trace that I am back or I am now again alive kind.

However, it was powerful. Even though there is no trace we can still figure out that some force wants me to live. This is equally important that while living is the greatest phenomena, to question in these very circumstances made me live not only in surface but in a little deeper manner. Which made me able to by-pass people putting me together in a vehicle and so as all the setting I can see by my own I am not obliged to them for sure. And when obligation is being obligated there comes an opportunity.

This opportunity came to me in a form as it would let me become God by myself. Until then I never thought of it in this way that you can become God but here my placement in such a state that was by no means an already gone case of coming back to body made sense to touch the God substance in oneself. Well from here I can at least translate the claimers all around the globe for their good. And it is so clear that in most of the holy books the claim itself is not understood by many. So it is from the sense of recognition of godly substance within oneself the God speaks. Moreover, after the sense of godly substance within myself I again was in front of time coming before me as death where I could not animate any other true capabilities, neither I could accept it as I did in the old paradigm but this came and blanketed me and again when I came to senses, I came across demon.

Demon is actually within ourself. Like the God substance is within you, the demon substance is also there, but people come to demon personified only just before one is contemplating the God substance within oneself. Because this is real demon that an individual cannot be God substance. So the demon became more terrifying to me. Since the presence of demon in front of me could not let me contemplate my god substance but this itself could here be the evidence that for most people demon need not come to their appearance because they are doing what demon will make them do. But when it was my time to turn to God substance, there and then demon appeared in front of me to not let me work through God by God and from the God.

Then somehow I went to reach the hospital and there I got chance to grieve my own body. And so when I realised that I am in grief of my own body, I was ready to live. So, since I left my body the one form which left it didn't till now get the chance to see the body and when it did so in the hospital, this one form judged the very body and with it resided in it. And so I am here alive.