When I was 14 years old, I became suddenly acutely poorly with a rare auto immune disease.

I had gone into lung and kidney failure, and was placed in a medically induced coma. I later found out that I had been given the last rites, and that the doctors were preparing to turn my life support machines off.

I, of course, was aware of none of this. Prior to being placed in a coma, I “knew” that I was dying. No one told me this, as I was a child, but I knew that’s where I was heading. I wasn’t scared, but I was upset that those around me were crying and upset. 

I woke up in heaven. I was walking through a tunnel, with many other people. All kinds of people - people with their dogs (on leads!), businessmen with briefcases, mums with pushchairs, children, the elderly - from all walks of life.

I found myself in a beautiful garden, following a little path. The hedges were green and perfectly manicured, as was the grass. The sky was blue, and it was perfectly warm (not too hot, nor too cold). 

To my left, there was an open field with children and adults climbing over a country fence. I couldn’t see over the fence, but I knew that I wasn’t to go that far. 

I was sent back to the tunnel, and I walked back, whilst other people (most of them), were going the opposite way (to heaven).

I eventually awoke from my coma. I felt an angel hold my hand, and I felt surrounded by those in spirit.

A few days later, I was transferred to a different ward, as I could now breathe on my own. I was still very ill.

At exactly 1am, (I noted the clock on the wall), I felt a huge surge of energy flow through me. I felt my body being lifted as though there was a whirlwind sweeping through me. I felt too much energy. I could see and feel my soul crashing through the roof of the hospital. It was the most incredible experience. I felt as though everything was going to be ok, that I was to live, and I was told I had something special to do in life first. 

I am 37 years old now, married with three daughters. I’m grateful for my life, and constantly thankful for my blessings.