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Girl drowns and meets angelic-looking woman but is told not to share

When I was about 7 years old, I had a drowning accident in a friend’s pool.

My friend and I were playing too roughly by dunking each other’s heads underwater. My friend dunked my head under water too long for me to handle, unfortunately.

The experience is fairly vague to me now, because 3 or 4 years later, I had another traumatic experience which left me with amnesia. Both experiences weren’t dealt with at the time by going to the hospital or seeing a therapist, unfortunately. It wasn’t until I was 26 that I remembered this repressed memory. I’m 30 now and still working through various childhood trauma, but am starting to go back to this drowning experience to uncover more from it. 

I started to drift towards the bottom of the pool, and I seemed to just stay there floating. Everything at the bottom of the pool seemed to sparkle. My consciousness then floated towards the top of the pool, about 10 feet above it. I may have been a little confused at first, but was met by an angelic-looking woman. We communicated telepathically. I remember feeling reassured about what had happened. I vaguely remember seeing a life review, and some visions of past lives. I have a feeling that I was shown my purpose, and the impact that I would make on the world. More so on people, I guess.

I then suddenly returned to my body, receiving mouth to mouth resuscitation. I was in complete shock about it all. Energy surged throughout my whole body; all of my friends were in shock as well. So, I just ran inside to hide in the bathroom to try and process what had just happened. My friend’s mother came knocking on the door, seeming concerned. But she ended up telling me to not tell anyone what had happened. I remember my throat closing up at that moment.

I’ve had a very difficult life up until I remembered this accident. It’s turned my life around completely, but I mostly feel stuck on trying to remember it all more vividly. It’s been extremely hard for me to do, so I’m hoping by writing and talking about it more, more of it will unfold.


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