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Brief childhood NDE leaves woman highly intuitive and filled with childlike wonder and curiosity

Being assaulted and suffocated at the age of 3 was extremely traumatic.

Being briefly dead was a release from excruciating pain.

NDE was mystical, otherworldly and overwhelmingly wonderful because I experienced pure Love, and I returned knowing that our consciousness exists beyond physical functions. I felt that I received guidance from a being that came down from higher realms. The most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

There was also physical pain, trauma, and abuse after experiencing a glimpse of overwhelming bliss during NDE.

Have had many out of body experiences and am highly intuitive. Some mystical experiences are hard to put into words because words cannot truly convey them, or sometimes even come close to it.  

Maybe because the NDE happened when I was a child, no matter how many amazing mystical experiences I have, I still have a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity and a desire to learn more...


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