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Man smokes cannabis, leaves body, and feels pure love

I was able to get some free time away from home and went to visit one of my friends. When I arrived another friend of my friend was there also. They were smoking wax (cannabis thc) and asked if I wanted to smoke, so I took a hit.

I've tried wax once before and experienced anxiety and really didn't care for it. After taking a hit, I sat back down and took a few sips from my beer. I started feeling hot and then my hearing started to close. I knew I was in trouble but didn't let anyone know. I knew my friends were talking but I couldn't hear them. I could see their mouths moving through my blurry vision, getting worse with each second. All while keeping how I was feeling to myself because I didn't want to ruin their high.

As my energy is getting weaker my friend looks at me and I said I don't feel good. My friend told me to go lay down on the bed. I remember thinking I'm not going to make it but didn't tell them that and so I stood up, went to step towards the room and that's all I remember doing in my physical body at that time. My friends later told me that I got up and fell straight back with my knees bent and legs underneath my body.

I knew I came out my body but didn't see myself come out. I was in the light. I was one with the light. Many faces were coming up to me very quickly and saying hi,hi,hi.......I knew I knew them but couldn't make out exactly who they were. The feeling of unconditional love and acceptance was felt, no judgment, only pure love. Then I heard and felt the words, "It's not time, you need to go back"......and I didn't want to leave. My spirit was fighting it.

It felt like I was going down, but I feel it was just me feeling my spirit go back into my body. I could see my energy body going back into my physical body, and then I'd get the urge of transcending up, wanting to go back. I kept telling my energy body, "You need to stay in your body, it's not time, you can't go back yet." So finally it stayed and I came back, crying and saying over and over, "I don't want to come back" friends filled me in on what they saw and heard with me being out of my body and they looked like they saw a ghost. Lol!


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